Iggy Azalea: I Cancelled “Great Escape Tour” Because I Needed Mental Break

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Iggy Azalea cancelled tour

By Minyvonne Burke |

Iggy Azalea cancelled tour

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Iggy Azalea reveals in a new interview that she cancelled her “Great Escape Tour” because she needed a “mental break” and had a “creative change of heart.” As Gossip Cop reported, Azalea announced on Monday that she was nixing her entire tour. Now, the singer, who just got engaged to Nick Young, says she wants to start “totally anew.”

Azalea tells Seventeen, “Mentally, to be honest with you, I just feel I deserve a break. I’ve been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day.” The “Fancy” singer says she’s not in a “bad place” or on the verge of a breakdown, but admits that it’s “very emotionally draining to be on all the time and going all the time, planning all the time.” Azalea adds, “It’s a lot, and it’s tough. I need a break from everything to just enjoy what I worked so hard for, and I don’t really feel like I’ve had a chance to do that. I need a break to figure out what I want my sound to progress to, and I need a break to figure out how I want my visuals to progress.”

Azalea feels it can get a little tiresome to keep performing the same material over and over again, and she’s ready to “perform new stuff and do new things.” “I feel like I’m at the end of an era now,” expresses Azalea, noting, “To go on a tour in late September and to stay in that mindset of what I’d envisioned for that tour, I feel like that would stifle me.”

The rapper acknowledges that when she postponed her tour the first time in March, it caused more problems because she was never able to find opening acts to replace Nick Jonas and Tinashe. Both artists decided to move on after Azalea initially put her tour on hold. “It’s not easy to decide that the best thing to do is cancel a tour, but that’s the best thing for me,” says Azalea, adding, “I don’t want to disappoint my fans. I feel really bad. It was a tough decision to make, but it was the best thing.”

As Gossip Cop noted, Azalea plans on going on tour next year, timed to the release of her next album.


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