Ice-T And Coco Did NOT Fake Pregnancy And Birth Of Baby Daughter, Despite Report

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Ice T Coco Fake Pregnancy birth baby

By Michael Lewittes |

Ice T Coco Fake Pregnancy birth baby


Ice-T and Coco did not “fake” her pregnancy, despite an absurd report from an equally absurd site. Gossip Cop can confirm there was nothing faked about the birth of the couple’s daughter Chanel Nicole on Saturday at the New Jersey’s Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

According to yet another bizarre story from MediaTakeOut, “new photos suggest that Ice-T and Coco faked the pregnancy.” The untrustworthy webloid shows a photo that Coco posted to Instagram before going into labor at the hospital and alleges “her stomach is lumpy… almost FAKE.” Mind you, this the same site Gossip Cop busted two months ago when it floated the same ridiculous “faking her pregnancy” tale. And, of course, the site naturally doesn’t explain how or why a respected hospital, where numerous photos were taken before, during, and after the delivery, would supposedly help Coco “fake” the baby’s birth.

Remember, MediaFakeOut is also the same outlet that similarly reported Beyonce was faking her pregnancy with Blue Ivy because her stomach was “all lumpy like a sack of potatoes.” And MTO has repeatedly embarrassed itself by claiming Kim Kardashian is not pregnant with her second child, but instead wearing a prosthetic belly.

Anyway, the OB/GYNs at MTO are, once more, shamefully wrong. While Coco went into labor a few weeks early, she thankfully delivered a healthy little girl, and she and Ice-T are over the moon. Again, the only thing that’s “fake” is the reporting at MediaFakeOut.


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