Ice Cube Tells Howard Stern About Dr. Dre Reconciliation, “Hating” ‘Boyz N The Hood’ (AUDIO)

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Ice Cube Howard Stern Show 2016 Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Ice Cube Howard Stern Show 2016 Interview

(Howard Stern Show)

Ice Cube revealed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” how he reconciled with Dr. Dre after years of feuding, why he “hated” Boyz n the Hood the first time seeing it, and much more. Listen to audio from the interview below!

Cube and Dre grew up together in South Central, Los Angeles, where they formed the iconic and controversial rap group N.W.A. But the two men had a falling out in 1989 after Cube left the group over a royalties dispute. The only communication the two rappers had over the next several years was through bashing each other in the media, but Cube explained to Stern how they mended the relationship in 1994. “He was producing a record called Natural Born Killaz and he wanted me on it,” said Cube. “He called me, and I hadn’t heard from him in forever.”

Cube recalled that upon arriving at Dre’s house to discuss their potential reunion, the two hugged and “never even talked about the past.” Cube added, “We just went forward. We’re gonna always be like that. I don’t care if we don’t talk to each other for 10 years, when we see each other, it’s gonna be like yesterday.”

He then went on to tell Stern about making his acting debut in 1991’s Boyz n the Hood, admitting he was “terrible” during his audition. “I didn’t read the script… I sucked,” the rapper said. But the film’s director, John Singleton, was also Cube’s close friend and the one who suggested him for the starring role. After getting a second and last chance to try out for the role, the rapper decided to actually read the script and realized, “This is about our neighborhood. This is something I know I can do.” Cube continued, “From that day on, I’ve been taking filmmaking and acting and auditioning seriously.”

When the then first-time actor saw a rough cut of the film, he was taken aback. “It sucked. I hated it,” Cube divulged to Stern. “I was like, ‘What the… This doesn’t even look like a movie.'” The rapper noted that because the first cut “didn’t have sound in places,” and “didn’t have all those polishes that they put on a movie,” he wasn’t able to recognize its quality. “It was too raw for my eyes,” explained Cube. “I called my manager and I was like, ‘This is the worst damn mistake I’ve ever made. Why did I do this?'” Cube admitted, “It took the wind out of my sails. I wasn’t excited about the movie until [the director] said, ‘OK, come see it again with an audience.’ And when I went with an audience, I was blown away.” Listen below to highlights from Cube’s “Howard Stern Show” interview!


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