Ian Somerhalder Refuses To Take Pictures With Fans While Out With Nikki Reed: “Don’t Follow Us” — WATCH VIDEO

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Ian Somerhalder Refuses Fan Photos Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ian Somerhalder Refuses Fan Photos Video

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Ian Somerhalder angered fans and made at least one girl cry in Paris this week when he refused to stop to take pictures and demanded they not follow him and Nikki Reed. Watch the video below.

In the 30-second footage, which was captured by a person on the scene and then posted to Twitter, Somerhalder and Reed exited a building, where a group of people had gathered to wait for them. As one person immediately tried to get a selfie with Somerhalder, he put his hands up in front of him and said, “Hey guys, listen. No, no. Stop. Everybody listen.”

“I love you guys, but I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day,” Somerhalder told the crowd. He continued, “Don’t follow us, please. I love you, guys. You’re so good to us. You’re so awesome.” But when a fan begged the actor to take “just one” picture, he responded, “No, that’s not just one.”

At that point, the girl began to cry. Somerhalder then reiterated to the group, “But you guys, don’t follow us, please. I love you guys. Do not follow us. Okay? It’s too much.” The clip cut off as the fans continued to plead for photos with him.

As Gossip Cop reported, Somerhalder and Reed married in April. They celebrated their one-month anniversary this week by releasing a video that featured footage from their wedding. The couple also walked the red carpet at France’s Cannes Film Festival (see photo above). Check out the video of Somerhalder talking to the fans below, and tell us if you think he was right or wrong for refusing photos.


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