Ian Somerhalder NOT Obsessed With Nina Dobrev Possible ‘Vampire Diaries’ Return, Despite Report

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Ian Somerhalder Obsessed Nina Dobrev.

By Michael Lewittes |

Ian Somerhalder Obsessed Nina Dobrev.

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Ian Somerhalder is not obsessing over Nina Dobrev’s possible return to “The Vampire Diaries” nor is his wife Nikki Reed considering divorcing him over the prospect, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told it “simply not true.”

According to the repeatedly disproven Celeb Dirty Laundry, Somerhalder’s “obsession” over Dobrev’s possible return for the final season on “The Vampire Diaries” is driving everyone “crazy,” and Reed may be “ready to file for divorce” as a result. The webloid alleges that even the possibility of Dobrev returning is a supposed sign that Reed and Somerhalder’s marriage is “in trouble because Nikki doesn’t want Ian involved in love scenes with ex-girlfriend Nina.” Without any proof, of course, the site speculates that Reed is “fed up” with Somerhalder having to field questions about Dobrev’s possible return at events such as the most recent Comic Con in San Diego, and concludes its baseless article by saying, “Who would blame [Reed] for filing for divorce?”

Gossip Cop investigated the site’s claims, and we’re told Somerhalder is not obsessing over Dobrev’s potential return for the final season of “The Vampire Diaries.” An insider exclusively assures us the webloid’s article is “simply not true.” As for the assumption that this may all lead to Reed “filing for divorce,” our impeccable source also confirms that’s entirely false.

To say CDL has already been caught publishing a number of lies about Dobrev and Somerhalder would be a tremendous understatement. Gossip Cop has busted the unreliable site on numerous occasions for telling tall tales. A couple of the doozies were Dobrev trying to stop Somerhalder and Reed’s wedding, and after the two wed, Reed being concerned Somerhalder would get back together with Dobrev. Neither of those absurd claims were based on any concrete evidence, nor is the latest contention about Somerhalder “obsessing” over his ex-girlfriend and former cast mate grounded in reality.

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Ian Somerhalder is obsessing over Nina Dobrev’s possible return to “Vampire Diaries.”


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