‘I Am Cait’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Confronted About Sexual Orientation And Politics

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I Am Cait Season 2 Premiere Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

I Am Cait Season 2 Premiere Recap


Caitlyn Jenner got confronted by her transgender friends about her sexual orientation and political views on Sunday’s Season 2 premiere of “I Am Cait.” Get the full recap below!

The first episode of the the second season, titled “Politically Incorrect,” opened with Caitlyn’s daughters Kendall and Kylie meeting her transgender friends Jenny Boylan, Chandi Moore and Candis Cayne. “Having to deal with a father transitioning is a very, very difficult process with all this history you have in your life,” Caitlyn said in a confessional.

Moore told the Jenner sisters, “I know this has not been the easiest thing for you guys to wrap your heads around, but you guys are being real troopers about it, and we appreciate all the love you give to Cait and to our full community, because we need it.” Kendall responded, “Of course. [Caitlyn] got pretty lucky, we’re all very open, accepting, non-judgmental people. Our whole family.” She then joked, “You’re welcome!” to which the women laughed, and Boylan added, “It’s a thing that people need to learn. That transgender people have families.”

Caitlyn and her friends then embarked on a cross-country road trip in a tour bus, with the first stop being the Grand Canyon. While on the bus, Boylan asked Caitlyn if she would speak about her sexuality, which Caitlyn has yet to fully explain. “When you were a straight guy, so to speak, did you ever appreciate what was beautiful about other men?” Boylan asked. Caitlyn admitted that she did, before divulging, “To be honest with you, I can’t see myself dating women in the future. I’ve been there, done that. I have three ex-wives. I just don’t see it.” Boylan then joked, “Now you can have an ex-husband!” Caitlyn, however, didn’t think any woman would be attracted to her, but her friends disagreed.

Caitlyn further said in a confessional that she’s “open to” the idea of dating men and being doted on and taken care of. “If there was a female in my life, it would be more like a friendship than it would be a serious relationship,” she added to the camera. “Yeah, I would date a man. It’s kind of nice to get that off your chest,” she concluded. Later on, Cayne told Caitlyn, “I’m really proud of you for opening up. And now, maybe you and I can go on a double date!” Caitlyn then joked that if they went on a double date, their so-called “affair” would be over, referring to all of the false tabloid rumors claiming the two are dating. Caitlyn further expressed in a confessional that she and Cayne are only close friends.

Later at lunch, the conversation between Caitlyn and her friends got a bit tense when the lifelong Republican slammed Hillary Clinton, saying she didn’t care about transgender people, but only herself. Boylan then asked which Republican presidential candidate she thinks cares about transgender rights, to which Caitlyn responded, “All of them.” The rest of the group, all Democrats, disagreed and got frustrated with Caitlyn for supporting conservatives, whom they don’t believe support the LGBT community.

Back on the bus, the girls confronted Caitlyn about her political party once again. “Sometimes these girls think that now that I’ve transitioned, everything has to change,” Caitlyn said in a confessional. “You can’t be conservative anymore, you have to be liberal. No. I don’t believe that. I can keep all of my views the same because I believe in my heart, that’s the best way to go.” Boylan insisted that many Republicans were voting against bills that would support LGBT rights, but Caitlyn responded, “I don’t know anything they said.. But I’m not blaming it on Republicans and conservatives, ok?” Boylan shot back, “Well, I think you need to take a look at that,” to which Caitlyn snapped, “Please!”

“This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, this is a humanity issue,” Caitlyn added. But Boylan pointed out that not one of the Republican presidential candidates has supported trans rights. Caitlyn argued back that the candidates aren’t focused on that, but on “much bigger issues than the trans issues.” All of the women were taken aback by Caitlyn’s comment, but she continued, “Our economy is going to collapse, the Democrats are ruining the country.” Cayne then said in a confessional, “When it comes to debating politics with Caitlyn, it’s not a debate. She just talks.” The episode ended with the women sitting in awkward silence following their heated political discussion.


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