‘I Am Cait’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Risks Arrest To Protest Transgender Bathroom Bill

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I Am Cait Season 2 Finale Recap

By Andrew Shuster |


Caitlyn Jenner and her transgender friends risk arrest in Houston to protests the city’s anti-LGBT ordinance on Sunday’s Season 2 finale of “I Am Cait.” Get the full recap below!

The final episode of Season 2, titled “Houston, We Have a Problem,” saw Caitlyn and her friends embark on a skiing trip in the mountains of Mammoth, California. During a group dinner, Jenner and Candis Cayne encouraged their young friend Ella to show off her singing voice, but she hesitated. Jenner’s assistant Courtney Nanson suggested that she and Cayne do something in exchange, to which Ella replied, “Kiss!” “If you two kiss on the lips, she’ll sing,” Nanson added. “You might as well use your lips. Both of you have gorgeous lips. Just smack them together!”

Caitlyn then moved in and gave Cayne a passionate kiss, to which the other woman laughed in shock. “That was not the kind of kiss I was expecting,” Ella said in regard to tongue being involved. The next day, the woman were still talking about the kiss during their ski outing. Jenner said to Cayne, “I don’t know about you, but I thought it was really good. It was fun!”

Jenner’s friends confronted her about an interview she gave in which she was quoted as saying people are uncomfortable by transgender people who “look like a man in a dress.” Boylan told her she should be fighting for the whole transgender community and “not just the pretty people.” Jenner admitted she misspoke, and said in a confessional, “I never really thought of it that way but the girls really opened my eyes to that. So, yeah. I don’t think I’ll use that phrase again!”

Jenny Boylan then mentioned to the other woman that an anti-LGBT ordinance had been passed in Houston making it illegal for transgender people to use the public bathrooms for the gender they identify with. Boylan then read a news report in which Cruz was quoted as advocating for the ordinance. “I think he’s totally just misinformed,” Jenner told her friends. Boylan retorted, “Ted Cruz said that. Your people. Republicans. They don’t like us,” but the former Olympian responded, “They’re not my people if they’re against this issue. So big deal. I’m not like cheering them on.” But an angry Kate Bornstein exclaimed, “You are! You’re voting for Ted Cruz! You’re cheering him on!” Jenner attempted to defend herself, saying she believes Cruz “can take care of the big issues,” but Bornstein insisted, “It’s not either or. You can’t say you’re not cheering people on and then say ”Ted Cruz,’ who uses ‘trans’ as a slur any chance he gets.”

Jenner then finally acknowledged for the first time that many Republicans don’t support trans issues, and the other women were happy she was willing to recognize some of the flaws within her political party. The women then noted how far they had come in their ability to be able to have a political discussion without it turning into a major fight, as was the case when the women argued on the tour bust during the season premiere.

The women then arrived in Houston to meet with a group of ministers who were in favor of the bathroom bill that would prevent them from using their restroom of choice, and try to change their minds. The cameras weren’t allowed inside the churches, but Jenner reportedly told one of the ministers that his anti-LGBT comments were “offensive.” The women also spoke about all of the young kids at the church who wanted to take photos with Jenner.

As the episode ended, all of the women had dinner together and told Jenner how much they appreciated her efforts to support the LGBT community and spread awareness about transgender people. Jenner teared up as she reminisced about the group’s bus tour around the country. She further told the girls how much she was going to miss them now that their trip was coming to an end, and added, “I always I know I have my little group of girls who got my back, and I love you all,”


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