‘I Am Cait’ Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Confronted By Transgender Protesters

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I Am Cait Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Caitlyn Jenner was confronted by a group of transgender protesters who feel she’s a bad representation of the trans community on Sunday’s “I Am Cait.” Additionally, Jenner met Hillary Clinton at a Democratic presidential debate. Get the full recap below!

Early on in the fourth episode of Season 2, titled “The Great Debate,” Jenner made a speech in Chicago as part of a fundraiser for transgender people suffering from homelessness. Jenner received a standing ovation from the crowd inside, but a group of protesters waiting outside the hotel weren’t happy about her participation in the event.

Several trans protesters gathered around holding up signs that said such things as, “I Ain’t Cait,” and one woman with a loudspeaker yelled, “You’re an insult to all trans people! You don’t represent us, you’re a disgrace to our community. You have no right to speak for us!” She cotinued, “You get those awards, you dress up, but you have no idea what it’s really like. Get away from us!” Jenner walked over to the woman and gently put her hand on her shoulder and explained, “I’m not representing you, I’m representing myself.” This resulted in a man running over and shouting, “Don’t you f***ing touch her!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Caitlyn,” the woman with the loudspeaker added. “Get an education before you get up there and speak for us.” Jenner was, however, able to have a civil conversation with a few of the trans protesters. One woman calmly told the former Olympian, “I respect you transitioning, but it’s different from what I experienced.” Jenner responded, “I totally agree, and I’m not trying to represent you.” Another man told her, “I would love a job, but I can’t get one because I’m trans and black.” Caitlyn expressed, “I would love for you to have a job and I’m trying to help people so they understand better.”

Eventually, police officers and security guards had to escort Jenner and her group of friends into a van before the situation got out of hand. Chandi Moore was very upset following the incident, and condemned the protesters for lashing out against Jenner, but not doing anything positive to help their community. “It was the first time for Caitlyn that she saw in the flesh people’s reservations about her,” Jenny Boylan said in a confessional. “I think that’s very good for her.” Regarding Jenner’s privileged lifestyle and fame, Boylan further noted, “Caitlyn is a is a public figure for transgender people, but she’s a problematic figure and she needs to pay attention.”

The women later got on their tour bus and left for Des Moines, Iowa, where they visited Drake University to watch the Democratic debate. The women didn’t watch the debate from inside the auditorium, but instead gathered with a group to see the event on a big screen. “Coming out trans was like nothing until I said I was a republican,” Jenner told the group. “It’s kind of an interesting situation for me… I’m in the top one percent. I think we need a better tax structure.” Jenner’s friends then cut her off before she started bashing the democratic candidates, and convinced her and the group to sing “God Bless America” together.

Later in the night, Candis Cayne spotted Hillary Clinton in the lobby of their hotel. Jenner walked over to Clinton, who exclaimed in surprise, “Oh my gosh! Good to see you! What are you doing here? Did you come for the debate?” Jenner answered, “Of course we did. We’re on the road. These are all my girls.” Cayne then told Clinton she did a “great job tonight,” and the group started discussing transgender issues.

“We’re on the road dealing with trans issues across America,” Jenner noted, prompting Clinton to reply, “That’s great. I have to tell you, what’s happening around the world deserves your attention. Anything you can do to help.” Jenner replied, “We’re trying to figure out a way to do that. So we’re moving along. And these are the most fun girls to be with.” As the encounter wrapped up, Clinton advised, “Well, I just want you guys to have a great time and do great work.” The presidential candidate added, “Say hello to your family, too!” Jenner and the girls then took a group photo with Clinton. Moments later, Bill Clinton walked by the group and Jenner stopped him to introduce herself and her friends. The former president also took a photo with the group of girls, before wishing them all “good luck” on their journey.

The group soon traveled to Graceland University, Jenner’s alma mater, where she ran into her old track and football coaches. Jenner admitted in a confessional she was nervous about how her former coaches would react to her transitioning, but the men couldn’t have been nicer and happier to see her. Later that night, Jenner and her friends held a discussion about trans issues in the school’s auditorium. The students were invited to ask questions, and one girl asked if the women still “acknowledge God” and religion in their lives.

Moore answered, “I grew up in a very religious family. For many years, I heard my life was an abomination. So I lost touch with God for many years. But I had to recognize the fact that God knew who I was before I did.” A second female student asked what kind of “pronouns” to use to describe the women. Most agreed they like “she,” but Moore joked, “I go by Beyonce pronouns.” Cayne further offered that she feels “10 times more powerful as a woman.”

And finally, a student asked the group if they felt happy post-transitioning. Jenner revealed to the crowd that she struggled for years being a man and “lost the spirit for life.” But she then revealed, “Now, I can’t wait for the day to get started. I’m excited about life. I’ve got things to do. I love myself.” Jenner concluded by telling the students, “Be yourselves, kick butt and work hard.”


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