“I Am Cait” Recap: Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn For First Time

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Kris Jenner I Am Cait

By Andrew Shuster |

Kris Jenner I Am Cait


Kris Jenner met Caitlyn on Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait for the first time since they got divorced and Caitlyn’s transition to discuss some of their unresolved issues. The episode also had Caitlyn at the ESPYs, working on legally changing her, and using her old name of “Bruce” to join a golf club. Get the full recap here!

As the show opened, Caitlyn met with stylist Jen Rade to help her get ready for the ESPY Awards. Rade is also Angelina Jolie’s stylist, and Caitlyn said she chose her to help get ready for the ESPYs because she likes Jolie’s “causal, elegant, and chic look.”

Later, since one of the golf courses at Caitlyn’s country club was closed for construction, she decided to join a different course within the club, but decided on the application to use “Bruce” since she’s always gone by that name at the club. Caitlyn’s friend Ronda, however, got annoyed with her for not wanting to use her new name. “I don’t want to worry about locker rooms and all that crap,” Caitlyn explained. Her new friend Candis Cayne also suggested that she sign up using her new name.

Later in the episode, Caitlyn sat down with a transgender woman who works for the LGBT Center to go over court documents and the process of legally changing her name and gender.

Caitlyn’s two sisters and her 89-year-old mother Esther also came to visit her at her house. One of her sisters revealed that she was always proud of Bruce, but is “even more proud of Caitlyn.” The family discussed Caitlyn’s upcoming speech at the ESPY during which she was going to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Caitlyn expressed that she was nervous because it’s “so important to get it right.” Her sisters then asked if Kris would be attending the ESPYs, but Caitlyn wasn’t sure because they hadn’t been talking for some time. Caitlyn then decided it was probably time to meet with Kris to talk things out.

Caitlyn later had dinner with her mom, two sisters, and a group of trans women. Esther was very interested in getting a better understanding of the trans lifestyle, asking all of the women about their transitions. She asked Caitlyn’s friend Candis Cayne when she became a woman, and was shocked to discover that Cayne transitioned more than 20 years ago. “When did you realize you felt differently about yourself,” Esther asked another one of Caitlyn’s friends, who revealed, “Probably around the age of 23.” But Esther got confused when the topic of taking hormones arose, saying, “I got so much to learn!”

There was a behind-the-scenes look at the ESPYs, where Caitlyn’s entire family and many of her transgender friends came to support her. At the end of the awards ceremony, Caitlyn revealed she was happy with her speech, and said getting it done was a “huge weight off my shoulders.” But she also noted that Kris not being there made her “sad.”

Finally, for the first time since Caitlyn’s transition, she met with Kris. Kris showed up to Caitlyn’s house, but before the conversation between the exes could really get underway, the screen went black along with the caption: “To Be Continued…”


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