‘I Am Cait’ Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Struggles With Idea Of Gender Reassignment Surgery

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I Am Cait Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Caitlyn Jenner struggled to wrap her head around the idea of undergoing gender reassignment surgery on Sunday’s “I Am Cait.” Get the full recap below!

The seventh episode of Season 2, titled “Kiss and Make-Up,” opened with Kris talking to Caitlyn about some of the Kardashian family’s difficulties, including Lamar Odom’s overdose, Kourtney and Scott Disick’s breakup, and Kim’s complicated pregnancy. “You sometimes check out,” Kris told her ex about not being involved. Caitlyn admitted, “To be honest with you, I do, but I’m a better person today than I was a year ago.” Kris understood she was happy, but asked she stay connected to the family, and Caitlyn acknowledged she would. Then noting that Kim had given her Bruce’s old clothing, Kris joked, “I was so sad because I thought I spent 23 years building this fabulous wardrobe. Who knew I was buying the wrong s**t?!”

Caitlyn then revealed to her ex-wife that she received a new driver’s license reading “Caitlyn Marie Jenner,” and has the “gender marked F” for female. Kris was stunned, and Caitlyn further divulged that she had her birth certificate changed as well. “That’s kinda sad, though,” Kris admitted. She then asked, “Wait a second. Does this mean that he [Bruce] didn’t exist, if you changed the birth certificate? Was I legally married?” Caitlyn confirmed, “Yes,” and then went on to apologize to Kris for some of the issues that led to the end of their marriage. “Going forward from here, I would always want you in my life,” she added. “I still love you and the kids adore you,” Kris assured Caitlyn, to which she joked, “Maybe someday we’ll renew our vows.”

Caitlyn’s friend Jenny Boylan revealed she had underwent gender confirmation surgery, and asked Caitlyn how she felt about getting a sex change, but Caitlyn admitted, “I feel a little uncomfortable talking about that issue.” Caitlyn noted that looking like a woman in terms of make-up and clothing was important to her, but she still had difficulty with the idea of gender reassignment. Caitlyn, however, agreed to meet with a doctor who specializes in the type of surgery and who also happens to be a trans woman herself. The doctor explained to Caitlyn some of the details of male-to-female surgery, noting that she would still be able to have an orgasm, and that the operation is relatively easy to perform. When asked, Caitlyn admitted that surgery could “possibly” help her, and further said in a confessional, “I have no idea what the future holds.”

Caitlyn then accompanied Candis Cayne to an adoption agency to support her friend as she gathered information about adopting a child as a transgender woman. A caseworker explained to Cayne that the baby’s birth mother has to approve of a transgender parent adopting their child, which can make the process more difficult. Cayne admitted in a confessional that she has “a lot of hoops to jump over” before being able to bring home a baby. Cayne later told Caitlyn and their friend Chandi Moore that she can handle being rejected by a man, but she’s not so sure she can handle rejection from “adoption agencies,” “the government” and even “potential mothers.” Caitlyn told her just because adopting would be difficult, that’s “not an excuse not to do it.”

Disick joined Caitlyn to buy a Christmas tree, during which the two talked about his relationship with Kourtney, and Disick admitted he felt “isolated” from her and the rest of the family. Caitlyn then asked if he could see himself reconciling with Kourtney, to which Disick responded, “That would be the dream… I would love to see us work everything out. But I don’t want to rush into something that doesn’t make sense.” Caitlyn said, “You just have to do the best you can. Get through it. And I’m glad to see you’re doing well and you’re sober because that’s the most important.”

Back at Caitlyn’ house, Disick helped fix Caitlyn’s beeping smoke detector. He grabbed a ladder and joked, “I don’t want a lovely lady like you hurting yourself here.” Disick further said of Caitlyn in a confessional, “I see a dramatic change, and not visually so much, but really just emotionally. I really believe when Caitlyn was Bruce, he was really shut off and angry and just wasn’t happy. And now that she can be who she really wants to be, it’s a whole different person and I feel a real connection.”

Later, Kris came to visit Caitlyn and told her that earlier that day, a man somehow got past the security guards in front of her house, barged into her home office and asked, “Can I have a hug and a kiss?” Kris said she called 911 to report an intruder in her home, and revealed the guy was arrested, but not before roaming around her house. Candis then told Kris about her adoption difficulties, but Kris assured her the process was hard for everyone, not just trans people. She added, “If that’s in your heart, then go for it because it brings unbelievable joy.”


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