“I Am Cait” Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Explores Dating Men Or Women

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I am Cait Recap 4

By Andrew Shuster |

I am Cait Recap 4


Caitlyn Jenner explored on Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait” which gender she might potentially start dating. The reality star discussed with her friends what she now finds attractive in a partner, following her transition into a transgender woman.

Episode 6 (“The Dating Game”) of the E! reality show opened with Jenner meeting her assistant Courtney’s boyfriend Johnie. They ask Johnie what he would hypothetically do if he were to discover that the person he was dating was transgender. “If I told you right now that I was [transgender], would it change us? And would you continue?” Courtney asked her boyfriend. “Yeah,” Johnie answered. “But then we could choose to continue to be friends.” Jenner added, “He would dump you like a hot potato, girl.”

Jenner later had a “girls lunch” with her actress friend Candis Cayne. Cayne talked about being nervous about her upcoming audition for a movie with Katie Holmes, because being transgender adds another layer of difficulty to the process. Jenner reassured Cayne of her acting abilities, and added that she was the only reason to watch the TV show “Dirty Sexy Money.”

Cayne then took Jenner out to West Hollywood gay club The Abbey to get her more comfortable socializing with the LGBT community. Jenner said she was slightly uncomfortable, though, because all the guys at the club were “packing.” In Jenner’s transition, she still isn’t sure if she wants to be with a man or woman. “My gut says that she’s attracted to women,” Cayne revealed in an on-camera confessional.

Jenner also discussed the issue with trans friend Jenny Boylan, and told her that although she’s “always been with women,” it would also be “very attractive to me to have a guy treat me like a woman.” Boylan told Jenner that she shouldn’t look to men to give her self worth, assuring her, “You are a normal woman. You don’t need a man to make you a woman.”

The topic continued to be discussed when Jenner later had dinner with a group of trans women, all of whom had different experiences when it came to dating both genders. It was revealed that many difficulties come along when entering the dating world as a transgender man or woman.

Jenner and Cayne visited a summer camp attended by all transgender children. The kids spoke about their difficulties growing up as transgender, and how the camp is helping them to feel confident, normal, and make friends. Both Jenner and Cayne were inspired by the young kids who were able to understand and open up about their identities at a young age.

At the end of the show, Jenner and Cayne met with a matchmaker. Jenner was hesitant about the process, but agreed to fill out a chemistry analysis form to see what kind of partner would be a good fit. She admitted, “Physically, I don’t know where I’m at.” The results suggested that Jenner would be best dating someone who was also her best friend. The episode ended with Jenner and “best friend” Cayne driving off in a Lamborghini “not knowing what the future holds.”


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