“I Am Cait” Recap: Scott Disick Gives Caitlyn Jenner “Guy’s Perspective” On Transgender People

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I Am Cait Recap Episode 5

By Andrew Shuster |

I Am Cait Recap Episode 5


Caitlyn Jenner got advice from Scott Disick on Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait” about how her male friends may react to her becoming transgender.

On episode 5 (“Take Pride”) of the E! reality show, Caitlyn began to feel more a part of the LGBT community after attending “Gay Pride Week” in New York City, as well as after meeting with members of GLAAD. One of her breakthroughs included finally referring to the LGBT community as “we,” instead of “them.”

Early in the episode, Caitlyn met with Disick to get a “guy’s perspective” on her transitioning. Disick explained how he wasn’t sure that all men, including Caitlyn’s old friends, would be as understanding of the situation as he is. “I definitely think it’s a lot different for me than a buddy,” he said. “You’ve been in my life a long time, you’re part of my kids life. To be honest, I don’t know that every man in the world is going to be as comfortable as I am.”

Caitlyn then mentioned Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, as one of those males who weren’t being supportive of her transition. Caitlyn explained to Disick that after her Diane Sawyer interview aired, “Kris ‘Idiot’ Humphries tweets ‘Thank god I got out of that family in time.'” Disick was taken aback by Humphries’ insensitive comment, and assured Caitlyn that, “Anybody who’s worth being in your life will understand and work at the relationship.” Caitlyn agreed that she didn’t need “haters” in her life.

Caitlyn later talked with friend Candis Cayne about step-daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s troubled relationship with Disick. “She’s doing as well as she can do under the circumstances,” she told Cayne. “It’s obviously very tough on her. Scott has a lot of issues.” Caitlyn added that Kourtney was “trying to deal with them the best she can.” But Caitlyn was confident that Kourtney would be ok in the end, and that “relationships aren’t easy.”

Later, Caitlyn reconnected with her old friend Sergio, who runs a toy helicopter shop, for the first time since transitioning from Bruce. Sergio admitted to being “confused” and “shocked” by his friend’s transformation, but thought he could “get used to it.”

Caitlyn asked Cayne if she thought her Vanity Fair photos were “too sexy.” Caitlyn revealed that her sons weren’t happy about the photo shoot, but also that, “I don’t think they get the girl thing.” Cayne didn’t think the photos were too erotic, but understood that because Caitlyn had been “repressing her inner woman” for so many years, it was time to put all on display. “You’ve been living the past 40 years taking care of them and not taking care of yourself,” Cayne told her.

Towards the end of the episode, Caitlyn took a private jet with her friends to attend New York’s “Gay Pride Week.” First, she visited her friend Patricia Fields’ clothing store and tried on a sequined skirt. As Caitlyn strutted her stuff, she said, “I gotta get ready for Kendall’s runway!” Later, she attended Cayne’s burlesque show in New York City where the transgender actress did an over-the-top dance routine. Cayne toasted Caitlyn at the end of her show, which prompted the crowd to chant Caitlyn’s name.

During a final on-camera confessional, Caitlyn admitted she was “overwhelmed” by the positive response she received while participating in LGBT events in New York City. The episode ended with hundreds of paparazzi and fans waiting outside to greet Caitlyn as she exited a Broadway theater.


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