‘I Am Cait’ Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Struggles With Dating Men

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I Am Cait Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Caitlyn Jenner struggled with the idea of dating men on Sunday’s “I Am Cait,” and also revealed her fears about pursuing romance for the first time as a transgender woman. Get the full recap below!

The third episode of Season 2, titled “Partner Up,” opened with Jenner and her friends visiting New Mexico as part of their cross-country bus tour. At lunch, Candis Cayne told Jenner and the other women that she had a date that night with a guy she met online. Meanwhile, Jenner showed everyone her brand new driver’s license that featured her new name and photo. The former Olympian get teary eyed while talking about the new ID, noting that “Bruce was a good person… and sometimes it feels like he [doesn’t] deserve to be gone.” She added, however, that she would still keep Bruce’s good qualities, but needed to move one.

Later at their hotel, the women gathered at the bar while Cayne waited for her date. Jenner said in a confessional that she wasn’t so exciting about the prospect of dating, and had a big fear of “rejection.” Cayne ended up getting stood up by her date, which didn’t help Jenner’s confidence in jumping into the dating world.

The next day, Jenner and her pals went to a salsa class, but she became uneasy after discovering that their dance partners were all males. “I’m not comfortable with doing this,” she told Cayne. “That ain’t happening. That picture is going to go all over the world and I don’t want my kids to see that.” In a confessional, Cayne expressed, “Honestly, Caitlyn hasn’t really embraced those sides of her feminine self yet. But this isn’t like speed-dating. This is a dance class. We’re doing salsa, and that’s usually pretty normal to have male dancers.” But rather than partnering up with any of the men, Jenner danced with Cayne.

Jenner took a temporary break from the bus tour to fly to New York City, where she would be accepting the Glamour Woman of the Year award. Her daughter Kylie was supposed to walk with her on the red carpet, but she had some sort of “wardrobe malfunction” and couldn’t make it. Jenner had to walk the Glamour red carpet all by herself, and she admitted that it made her nervous not to have someone by her side. Later, Jenner asked Kylie to explain why she was a no-show, and Kylie said, “My dress was completely see-through, and then my Option B ripped all the way down my ass. I wouldn’t want to be on a red carpet with my vagina out. My vagina was out! Not my boob, not my butt crack. My vagina!” Jenner responded, “I didn’t know all that. But hopefully we could have worked around that somehow.” She further said in a confessional, “I’m kind of disappointed in Kylie, but at least she showed up for the actual show.” But Jenner also acknowledged that she needs to learn how to get comfortable walking the red carpet alone.

Jenner later flew to Chicago to meet back up with her friends. While at their hotel, Jenner’s pals suggested mingling with some of the men in the lounge, but she was uncomfortable. Jenner said in a confessional, “For me, the big problem that I have with a lot of things is rejection. That’s why I didn’t date that much.” Jenner did, however, make awkward small talk with a male real estate developer, before abruptly leaving. Cayne told the camera, “She doesn’t really know how to talk to guys at all… So she doesn’t know how to follow. She wants to lead.” In regard to Jenner dominating the conversation, Cayne added, “Sometimes when you’re talking to guys, you have to take the back seat a little bit. I don’t know if she’s ready to do that.”

Back in their room, Cayne asked Jenner, “What’s holding you back from going on a date with someone?” She replied, “Guys might want to have sex with you, but then they don’t want to be seen with you. I would have a hard time with that.” Jenner further admitted that she thought about talking to her daughters about dating, but couldn’t bring herself to bring up the subject. “I think it might be a little big tougher on the girls if [I dated] a guy,” Jenner told Cayne. “If I was dating some guy, they would go, ‘Wow!'” She further admitted in a confessional, “I think if I were to date a man, it would be confusing for them.” And as the episode ended, all of the women went to a drag show, where both Cayne and Chandi Moore performed.


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