“I Am Cait” Premiere Recap: Caitlyn Jenner Introduces New Self To Mom, Sisters And Kids

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I Am Cait premiere recap

By Minyvonne Burke |

I Am Cait premiere recap


Caitlyn Jenner’s “I Am Cait” docuseries premiered on E! on Sunday, and was an emotional roller coaster as she introduced her new self to her family. She also stressed throughout the episode the importance of helping kids struggling with being transgender. Read the full recap here!

Throughout the show, though, she stressed that she wants to help “young people [during this] difficult time in their lives” when they want to come out as transgender. She also wants to prevent suicides, which she says are nine times more likely with transgender people. Caitlyn even reveals in the past she’s held a gun and thought about it, too.

The episode began with news footage of Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover. “Look at that cover, baby,” she exclaimed. Soon after she received a call from Rob Kardashian, who congratulated her on the cover, and told her “you look amazing.” Kim Kardashian also called to say that Caitlyn was going to quickly beat President Obama’s record for being the fast person to 1 million followers on Twitter. The former Olympian said, “I love records. We’re going for the record!”

Caitlyn, however, was very apprehensive about introducing her new identity to her mom, Esther Jenner and sisters Pam and Lisa, who were en route to her home. But as scared as she was, her mom and sisters immediately embraced Caitlyn. Her mom said right away she was a “very good looking woman.” The family then sat down with a specialist, who tried to answer their questions, which ranged from anecdotes about Caitlyn not wanting to wear boys clothes her mom bought her as a kid to biblical questions about men dressing like women.

Kylie Jenner Facetimes Caitlyn, who wasn’t sure whether to answer or not because she hadn’t introduced her new identity to her yet. Ultimately, she picked up and Kylie told her, “You look pretty.” At a later point, Kylie came over and the two bonded over hair extensions.

Cailtyn and her sister Pam then play tennis and talk about how he’s going to come out to his straight guy friends, noting how he’s only told women so far. At one point, she says Bruce was a better tennis player than Caitlyn because he didn’t have to contend with wearing a sportswear and getting hair in his face.

When Caitlyn’s sisters leave for the beach, she sits done with her mom, who says she’s struggling to say “Hey Caitlyn” when she wants to say “Hey Bruce.” “It’s not easy,” Caitlyn’s mom admits. Esther Jenner tells the camera, “I love Bruce. It will never change… It will take some getting used to. I want to do what he wants.” By the time she left the house, though, Caitlyn’s mom said she was beyond proud when Bruce won the decathlon and stood on the winner’s podium, but she added, that she’s “more proud of him now for the courage he has shown.” Finally getting the pronouns right, she then noted, “I certainly love her with all my heart.”

Kim and Kanye West then stopped by the house, and Kim went through Caitlyn’s closet. Kim said one of her dresses had “got to go.” At another point, Kim noticed a dress that her mom Kris also had. The two then plotted to have Caitlyn run into Kris down the road in the same dress.

At a certain point, Caitlyn hears about a 14-year-old transgender boy named Kyler Prescott, who committed suicide in May. Caitlyn heads to San Diego to talk to the parents about the circumstances. Caitlyn stresses, “We need more tolerance and empathy.” Tell us what you thought of the premier of ‘I Am Cait.”


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