Hulk Hogan “The View” Video: I Didn’t Make Sex Tape Or Sue Gawker “For Profit”

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Hulk Hogan The View Video March 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Hulk Hogan The View Video March 2016


Hulk Hogan said on “The View” he didn’t sue Gawker “for profit,” and questions whether he’ll even get any of the $140 million he won in his sex tape lawsuit against the media company. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Hogan was awarded $115 million in economic and emotional damages after a Florida jury determined his privacy was invaded when Gawker posted nine seconds from what he claims was a secretly-recorded sex tape. On Monday, the jurors added $25.1 million in punitive damages. Speaking in his first live interview about the verdict on Wednesday’s “The View,” Hogan addressed the hefty dollar figure.

“I didn’t do this for profit,” Hogan said in response to accusations that money was his ultimate goal in making the sex tape in the first place, and then in suing Gawker. The star pointed out that when images from the video first leaked, “all these pornographer places came… with an open check book,” but he turned them down.

Rather, he said, he sued for no “other reason [than] so it wouldn’t happen to anyone else.” He noted, “Even if I lost, I made people aware that this shouldn’t happen to normal people… Gawker is the ultimate bully, and I just didn’t want it to happen to you or anybody.”

But Hogan isn’t convinced he’ll see a penny from the site. “I don’t have the $140 million. It’s just a piece of paper. They’ll appeal and do whatever they have to do for years and years,” sad the former wrestler. But while he holds Gawker responsible for publishing the footage, he does take responsibility himself for creating the questionable material in the first place.

While still maintaining he had no idea he was being filmed, Hogan expressed regret over sleeping with his then-best friend’s wife and going on a N-word rant. “It’s the worst decision of my life,” he insisted, later adding, “Probably the stupidest thing I ever said. The people that know me know I’m not a racist.”

“Even the WWE knows I’m not a racist. They had to do what’s best for business,” Hogan said, referring to the wrestling organization cutting times with him. “I said something horrible. I live with it forever. That’s not me. That’s not who I am.” Check out the full interview below.


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