Hulk Hogan N-Word Controversy: 7 More Celebrities Caught In Racism Scandals

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Hulk Hogan N Word

By Andrew Shuster |

Hulk Hogan N Word

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Hulk Hogan is the latest celebrity to get caught up in an N-word controversy after it was reported that the wrestler went on a racist rant in unreleased footage from his infamous sex tape. Hogan now joins a number of other stars who’ve gotten in various degrees of trouble for using the word in recent years, including Justin Bieber, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paula Deen, Michael Richards and Mel Gibson. Check out the gallery below for a look-back at past scandals.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier on Friday, the WWE terminated Hogan’s contract after it was discovered there is footage of him going on a tirade about “n*ggers.” Transcripts of the video were included in documents related to a lawsuit over the sex tape’s initial leak. As the n-word portion was not included in the previously posted clip, the WWE, and the public, did not know about it until n ow.

Hogan, like many of the aforementioned stars, released a statement apologizing for his remarks. “Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation,” the wrestling legend said. “It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it.”

Check out Gossip Cop’s gallery below of other celebrities who’ve been caught up in N-word scandals, and tell us what you think of Hogan joining the list.



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