Hugh Jackman Getting ‘Hot And Heavy’ With Co-Star Rebecca Ferguson?

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A photo of Hugh Jackman in a leather jacket next to a photo of Rebecca Ferguson in a black top

By Hugh Scott |

A photo of Hugh Jackman in a leather jacket next to a photo of Rebecca Ferguson in a black top

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Hugh Jackman is not getting “hot and heavy” with co-star Rebecca Ferguson on the set of his latest movie. The phony tabloid report simply isn’t true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

A ridiculous article in Woman’s Day is alleging the Wolverine star is “risking the wrath of his wife,” Deborra-Lee Furness, because “for the second time in as many weeks” he was supposedly caught on camera getting “up close and personal” with a co-star. The whole story is false, he wasn’t getting up close and persona – the actor was filming a scene with Ferguson for the upcoming film Reminiscence.

Last week, photos were leaked that showed the two kissing on set, but it was clearly as they filmed a scene for the movie. After the shoot, the actors were seen embracing, but it was nothing more than a hug, despite the inaccurate claims by the tabloid. The questionable outlet quotes an unnamed and anonymous source as saying, “They were laughing together and leaning in close. It’s unusual – love scenes are often pretty uncomfortable for the actors, so they need a little time to regroup when the cameras are off. Not Hugh and Rebecca!”

The story is baffling. The tabloid has no idea what was happening on the set aside from a couple of photos. The publication has invented an entire scenario that clearly never occurred. Jackman and his wife have been married for almost 24 years, and Furness is also in the film business. She’s certainly familiar with her husband kissing other women for the roles he has played. This hasn’t been any sort of issue over the past two decades. Beyond that, there is no evidence presented that it was anything more than a scene. Because that is all it was.

Finally, Gossip Cop checked with Jackman’s official spokesperson, not an unnamed insider. The actor’s rep denied the story strongly, telling us on the record that the story was a “funny one,” before adding, “Woman’s Day is shameless with their made-up stories.” The tabloid has zero insight into Jackman’s personal life. Something it has proven in the past.

Just last week, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for a phony report alleging Jackman was flirting with Brooke Shields on the street in New York City. Like this one, it insisted Furness was upset and jealous when she found out. The article followed the same pattern as this current phony report. Jackman is spotted with a famous woman, they’re photographed doing something completely innocent, and Woman’s Day concocts a fake narrative to sell papers.


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