Hugh Jackman’s Wife Upset About Him ‘Getting Flirty’ With Brooke Shields?

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A photo of Hugh Jackman in a leather jacket speaking into a microphone next to a photo of Brooke Shields in a black dress.

By Hugh Scott |

A photo of Hugh Jackman in a leather jacket speaking into a microphone next to a photo of Brooke Shields in a black dress.

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Hugh Jackman’s wife is not upset with him for supposedly flirting with Brooke Shields. A tabloid reporting the phony story is wrong. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

A piece in Woman’s Day alleges the Wolverine star was “thrilled about his chance encounter” with Shields on a New York City street last month, but his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, was upset about the run-in. According to the tabloid’s so-called source, “Deb saw the pics and was none too pleased. She hates it when he gets flirty when she’s not around.” That statement alone is a bit confusing. Is she cool with him flirting with other women when she is around? The supposed source doesn’t clarify.

The source does keep making questionable statements, however, adding, “Hugh and Brooke go way back. But Deb pointed out that it was obvious Brooke was very happy to see him.” So we are to believe that it was more than old friends happy to see each other? The source even adds, “Brooke was batting her eyelids at Hugh,” yet in the picture, she is clearly wearing dark sunglasses. The whole story is just ridiculous.

From the photos of the encounter, it seems clear that the two “old friends” ran into each other, kissed each other hello on the cheek, and that was it. There was no flirting and Jackman’s wife is not upset. Gossip Cop confirmed this with Jackman’s rep who told us, on the record, that the article was “totally fake.”

Woman’s Day has a history of inventing stories about the Les Misérables star. Last May, the unreliable outlet asserted that Jackman’s friends were worried about his health. The tabloid quoted an unnamed source as saying, “The fear is if he doesn’t start taking better care of himself he could collapse, or wind up putting himself in a precarious position at the very least,” due to looking “sickly thin.” That story was also completely fabricated. Gossip Cop pointed out that a quick look through the actor’s Instagram page shows the beefy ex-X-Man is still just as buff as ever.

The Aussie actor was also included in a bizarre story by the tabloid that same month that alleged Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were throwing their lavish wedding at Jackman’s house in the Hamptons. Why Jackman was included in the phony story was unclear, other than possibly to get another big name in a headline to sell papers. Obviously the Avengers star and the SNL writer didn’t get married over the summer, at Jackman’s house or elsewhere. Gossip Cop explained the story was bogus and time has shown our reporting to be more accurate.


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Michele Schweitzer, Spokesperson for Hugh Jackman