Hugh Hefner’s Wife Crystal Harris NOT “Left With Nothing,” Despite Report

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Hugh Hefner Wife Will

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Hugh Hefner Wife Will

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Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal Harris has not been “left with nothing” in the wake of his death, despite a report. A webloid is claiming the late Playboy mogul didn’t leave an inheritance for the model, but the allegation is patently false. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

RadarOnline is dramatically exclaiming in a headline, “NO CASHING IN! Hugh Hefner’s ‘Playboy’ Model Wife Crystal, 31, Left With NOTHING After His Death!” According to the site, Harris “will inherit nothing after his death” because she was “left out of his will after signing an ‘ironclad’ prenuptial agreement!” Instead, “Hefner’s million-dollar legacy will be divided between his four kids: Cooper, Marston, David and Christie,” maintains the outlet. The online publication goes on to write, “While 31-year-old Harris does still have the $5M mansion Hefner bought her in 2013, what does the young widow think about being left with no inheritance?”

Wait. If Harris was “left with nothing,” as originally claimed, how does she have a mansion courtesy of Hefner worth $5 million? RadarOnline contradicted the premise of its own story. Furthermore, the webloid fails to mention that the luxury home is part of a trust that Hefner set up for his wife, a trust that she controls. In addition, TMZ reports that Hefner’s estate plans also call for Harris to be awarded $5 million. In fact, the generally reliable outlet even notes “the deal is part of a prenup Hef and Crystal signed before they got hitched in 2012,” whereas Radar is wrongly insisting Harris was “left out of his will after signing an ‘ironclad’ prenuptial agreement.”

Since Hefner’s death was announced on Wednesday, RadarOnline has published roughly 15 stories to exploit his passing. These morbid and salacious articles have ranged from “HUGH HEFNER MAKES FINAL EXIT FROM PLAYBOY MANSION – IN A HEARSE!” and “CHILLING DEATH SCENE! INSIDE HISTORIC HOME WHERE PLAYBOY ICON HUGH HEFNER DIED” to “HUGH’S HIGHS AND LOWS: INSIDE HEFNER’S SEXUAL CONQUESTS, GIRLFRIENDS & NASTY DIVORCES.” But if the site can’t get its facts right, it has no business writing about Hefner at all.