Hugh Grant On ‘Graham Norton Show’: Most Of My Former Female Co-Stars Hate Me (VIDEO)

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Hugh Grant Graham Norton Show 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

Hugh Grant admitted on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” that he didn’t get along with many of his former female co-stars, who now all hate him for various reasons. Watch the funny video below!

The host of the British talk show recalled a magazine interview in which Grant spoke about his real-life relationship with some of his on-screen love interests. He had described Sense and Sensibility co-star Emma Thompson as “clever, funny, and mad as a chair,” and believed Bridget Jones’s Diary actress Renee Zellweger to be “delightful, but also far from sane.”

Grant further clarified on the talk show, “She is genuinely lovely. But her emails are 48 pages long. I can’t understand a word of them.” In his previous interview, the actor said Two Weeks Notice leading lady Sandra Bullock was a “genius,” but had “way too many dogs.” As for Nine Months co-star Julianne Moore, Grant had revealed, “Brilliant actress. Loathes me.”

Of his About a Boy co-star, Rachel Weisz, Grant previously said, “Clever and beautiful. Despises me.” Norton then pointed out how Grant admitted his Music and Lyrics co-star Drew Barrymore “hates” him, and he had “made her cry.” Grant explained on the show, “Julianne definitely hates me. Rachel Weisz, I think we got on fine. I don’t know why I said that. Maybe I was going for a comedy triple, I don’t know.”

As for Barrymore, Grant divulged, “She made the mistake of giving me notes.” The actor then turned to fellow guest Meryl Streep, with whom he co-stars in the new film Florence Foster Jenkins, and asked, “How would you take that?” The actress joked, “I took [your notes] very well, didn’t I?” Watch the video below!


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