Howie Mandel Pulls Out Kid’s Tooth During “America’s Got Talent” Commercial Break (VIDEO)

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Howie Madel Pulls Tooth AGT

By Andrew Shuster |

Howie Madel Pulls Tooth AGT


Howie Mandel pulled out a young boy’s tooth during a commercial break at Tuesday’s taping of “America’s Got Talent.” Watch the funny video below!

“AGT” warm-up comedian Tom Kelly, who entertains the audience before the start of the show, dared judge Mandel to pull out the loose tooth of an eight-year-old audience member named Jonah. The boy was then brought up on stage, and Mandel put on blue surgical gloves in preparation for yanking out the boy’s tooth.

The comedian is well-known for being a germophobe who refuses to shake people’s hands, so Kelly offered to give Jonah $100 if Mandel agreed to touch his tooth.

Just before Mandel pulled out the tooth, fellow judge Mel B asked the boy, “Are you sure you want that to happen?” Meanwhile, Heidi Klum looked on as Kelly counted down from three and Mandel extracted the tooth. The comic then held the removed tooth up in the air, much to the crowd’s delight, and joked, “In the next break, I’ll be doing a pap smear.”

In addition to that unexpected moment, Mandel also participated in some on-air antics at Tuesday’s show. As Gossip Cop reported, ventriloquist Paul Zerdin turned Mandel into a human dummy during his performance.

Watch the funny video below of Howie Mandel pulling out a boy’s tooth during an “America’s Got Talent” commercial break, and tell us what you think.


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