Howie Mandel: Madonna Flirted With Me (VIDEO)

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Howie Mandel Madonna Flirted Video

By Shari Weiss |

Howie Mandel Madonna Flirted Video

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Howie Mandel shared a hilarious story about flirting with Madonna on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch below!

After Mandel noted that he and his wife have been together for “almost 40 years,” DeGeneres brought up a “rumor” she heard about Madonna “hitting on” the comedian. “Ooh, that’s a weird story,” he admitted. “I don’t even think Madonna knows this story.”

And so, Mandel started telling it for the studio audience and the millions more watching at home. Insisting that he’s “happily married,” “shy” and “I don’t flirt,” the “America’s Got Talent” judge recalled running into the music icon in the green room of a Las Vegas prize fight. “I’m in awe of somebody of that stature. She’s so talented and she’s beautiful when you see her in person and she’s striking,” he told DeGeneres.

Mandel went on, “She comes in, and she’s looking at me, you know? And she looks at me, and I see her [made a seductive expression]. I was just uncomfortable. I didn’t know what — and I know that she’s single, maybe she doesn’t know [if] I am, but I don’t want to offend her, so I’ll flirt back.”

The two continued making faces at each other, but was Madonna really flirting with him? Well, Mandel confessed, “Then I realize I’m standing right under a monitor. And there’s a fight. So she’s kinda reacting to [the match]. But I think it’s me!”

“I just looked like an idiot,” the funny star admitted. “It’s like 10 times worse than when somebody waves and you think they’re waving at you.” But “to this day,” Mandel is trying to disguise his how badly he misread the situation.

Looking directly into the camera, he now said, “Madonna, if you’re watching, if you ever see me in person, I’ve continued — this is probably 10 years ago — every time I see Madonna, I do [faces].” What is he hoping the singer thinks is going on? Check out the video below to find out!

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