Howard Stern: “America’s Got Talent” Was “Torturous” — WATCH VIDEO

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Howard Stern America's Got Talent Torture Video

By Shari Weiss |

Howard Stern America's Got Talent Torture Video


Howard Stern says “America’s Got Talent” was “torturous” for him, but it may be more an issue of vanity than anything else. Check out the video below.

Speaking on Friday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Stern said, “I was doing that ‘America’s Got Talent’ for four years. I had to quit. It was enough.” When Kimmel remarked he was surprised his guest lasted that “long” because he “complained about it so very, very much,” Stern responded, “Well, I thought it would be funny to go on a network television show.”

“You know, here I am, Fart Man, and I would be on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and suddenly it would be interesting to see me juxtapose with a family show,” explained the shock jock. “And that was fun. But it was torturous. I hated every bit of it.”

But the only thing Stern really copped to hating was how he looked on TV. He recalled, “I thought, ‘Well, I’m going on network television. What I’m going to do is dress up.’ I went and bought $100,00 worth of wardrobe from John Varvatos. I really did. I invested in my wardrobe, I got a person to do my hair… I worked out, I decided to diet down to get thin.”

“And then I turn on the TV each week and I wanna throw up,” confessed Stern. “Because I’m putting in all of this work for my look, to look good, and after all of that work, I still look like a nightmare. I just didn’t like it.” He went on to say of colleague Howie Mandel, “Here’s a guy, he has no hair, he’s in his 60s, and he’s better looking than I am after my $100,000 wardrobe. So the whole thing was rather depressing.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Stern said farewell to “America’s Got Talent” during the season finale last month. On Thursday, it was revealed Simon Cowell, who co-created the NBC competition and serves as its executive producer, will replace him at the judges’ table. Watch Stern’s full rant about the show below, and tell us what you think.


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