Howard Stern Offers Jimmy Kimmel Inappropriate ‘Live’ Questions For Kelly Ripa (AUDIO)

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Howard Stern Jimmy Kimmel Kelly Ripa

By Andrew Shuster |

Howard Stern Jimmy Kimmel Kelly Ripa

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Jimmy Kimmel appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” prior to co-hosting “Live” with Kelly Ripa on Monday. The late-night host admitted his “goal” was to make his morning show gig “awkward,” and to help him do so, Stern offered Kimmel a series of outrageously inappropriate questions to ask her on-air. Listen to the interview below!

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Kimmel co-hosted the first “Live” show without Michael Strahan on Monday. “There’s so much mystery with this Kelly Ripa thing,” Stern told Kimmel on his radio show, noting that she seemed good-natured during Strahan’s sendoff last Friday, but “we read that behind the scenes those two want to kill each other.”

When Stern then asked Kimmel if his “Live” appearance would be “awkward,” he joked, “Yes! I hope so. That’s my goal.” Kimmel added he’d “definitely get into” the situation with Strahan,” adding, “I want to talk about Michael. That’s really it.”

Stern and his staff then came up with a bunch of questions for Kimmel to ask, with the with the first few seeming suitable enough. Kimmel was advised to ask Ripa how she was “dealing with the ABC executives,” if she’d “ever talk to Strahan again,” and if the “experience with Michael will affect her choice for the next co-host.”

But Stern’s series of suggested questions began to get wildly off-topic and offensive. Stern wanted to know, “Does she need to hire a black co-host?” before adding, “I feel that is a black job… If they give it to a white, I don’t think it will be good.” The radio host then told Kimmel to ask, “Does she do anal? I’m curious.” A few other inappropriate questions Stern wanted answered were “Is Gelman totally straight?” “Did she ever see Strahan’s penis walking by the dressing room?” and “Did she call Michael the N-word at home with her husband?”

Of course, Kimmel didn’t ask any of these tasteless questions during his “Live” appearance, but he did in fact ask Ripa one of Stern’s other off-color recommendations. “Ask her if she’s ever done the show without panties on,” the radio host suggested, which Kimmel actually brought up on “Live.” Ripa confirmed she “always” has on underwear, further joking she was wearing “two pairs” that morning. Listen to a highlight from Kimmel’s “Howard Stern Show” interview below!


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