“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “What Happened To You, Annalise?”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 11 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 11 2016


Thursday’s midseason premiere of “How To Get Away With Murder” picked up a few weeks after Wes shot Annalise. Here are the most important things to know about “What Happened To You, Annalise,” the 10th episode of season two.

The show began with a flashback to Annalise saying “Christophe” after Wes shot her. Michaela and Laurel were in panic mode, but the show then jumped ahead two weeks to Annalise coming home from the hospital with Bonnie’s help. Bonnie insisted all was “fine” with the “kids,” but Wes was filled with guilt over the shooting and Annalise was tormented with her own flashbacks of the incident.

Catherine was behind bars for Sinclair’s murder and Annalise’s attempted murder, with Philip a fugitive. Laurel tried to assure Wes that the cover-up was playing out correctly, and that Rebecca wasn’t actually dead. She forced Wes to reunite with the gang, and it was clear Asher was still struggling with what happened, too. A flashback showed him going to the police and insisting his dad was murdered, and now he was panicked over the cops not getting back to him.

Doped up on pain meds, Annalise was woken up when a woman banged on her door, sobbing as she insisted Annalise had to care for her baby. But Annalise had actually hallucinated the whole thing, and Bonnie surreptitiously gave her new meds. Her state made it impossible for her to take the stand at Catherine’s preliminary hearing. Instead, the group crafted a statement on her behalf, recounting in the first-person how Catherine shot her, even though there was a high chance it would be ruled inadmissible as hearsay.

A now-lucid Annalise insisted Laurel come over, and demanded to know how Wes was doing. A flashback to one week earlier showed Laurel visiting Annalise in the hospital, where Annalise claimed she was just provoking Wes when she said Rebecca was dead. Now back in the present, Laurel told her Wes was “better,” though Annalise saw right through it. She later lashed out at Bonnie over trying to stop her from testifying, and was dumbfounded when Bonnie clued her into her drugged-up behavior.

At Bonnie’s urging, Nate went to see Annalise, and he blamed Wes for the situation they were now in. He insisted he only helped with the cover-up to protect her, but admitted he couldn’t be around someone so unhappy all the time and who clearly wanted to die. She apologized, and they seemingly broke up.

Another flashback showed Michaela lying to Caleb the night of the shootings, and now in court during the present day, the two clashed as he was convinced of his sister’s innocence. “You all belong in hell,” he told her. During the hearing, Annalise’s 911 call was played, but the prosecutor failed to get her statement approved. A short time later, Annalise unexpectedly showed up, thanks to a heads-up from Laurel, and insisted she could testify.

On the stand, Annalise was giving her version of events when she locked eyes with Wes and then heard a baby crying. A recess was called, during which she realized she was bleeding through her bandages. Wes tried to talk to her, but Annalise refused. During cross-examination, Catherine’s attorney tried to trip Annalise up, finding inconsistencies in her statements.

Becoming more and more out of it, Annalise finally said, “Catherine didn’t do it… I meant, Catherine did shoot her parents. She told me when I represented her.” With that violation of client-attorney privilege, the defense attorney moved to have all her testimony stricken from the record, and insisted Annalise couldn’t be trusted.

Afterward, Annalise told Caleb this was actually going to help Catherine, that they were going to make her out to be a victim manipulated into everything by Philip. But she still insisted Catherine shot her, and urged him to get his sister to confess for the plan to work. Just before the judge was to issue a ruling on the preliminary hearing, Catherine interrupted to say she did shoot Annalise… but was drugged by Philip and forced into doing so.

Bonnie told Annalise afterward that the DA would give Catherine a deal of five years for testifying against Philip, and then confronted her for wanting to die the night of the shooting. Later, Wes went through all of Annalise’s files hoping to find out how she knew his birth name, Christophe. Laurel cried to Frank over everything’s that happened, and he assured her everyone had each other’s backs. Frank went on to congratulate the group for winning for “today.”

Annalise found Wes in her bedroom, and he cried that he finally understood why his mom killed himself: “She just needed it to make it all stop. So do I.” He asked Annalise point-blank if she knew her mother, leading to a flashback from 10 years ago of a pregnant Annalise watching what looked like a young Wes play basketball and meeting his mother… the same woman from her hallucination.

Wes now deduced that she’s the reason he got off the wait list, and demanded Annalise tell her everything. She tried to refuse as he begged, and as he lunged at her, she grabbed a sharp object. “You think I’m gonna hurt you?” he asked incredulously. She then said he “ruined” her and ordered him to leave, which she immediately regretted, but he was gone by the time she yelled out to him. The episode ended with Annalise again hallucinating a baby being in her home and joyfully holding the infant.


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