“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “What Did We Do?”

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how to get away with murder what did we do

By Michael Lewittes |

how to get away with murder what did we do


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” viewers finally found out who shot Annalise. Here are the most important things to know about “What Did We Do?”, which is the mid winter finale of season 2.

The episode begins with Caleb and Michaela calling Connor and telling him they found a weapon they believe belongs to Catherine. Meanwhile Annalise, Frank and Laurel try to decide what to do after seeing one of Catherine’s paintings in Philip’s room.

Catherine walks in on Caleb holding the gun, and she promptly runs away. At the police station, Sinclair accuses Nate of fabricating Philip’s record, but the accusation is quickly dismissed by the chief.

Annalise then shows Caleb the picture of the painting in Philips room, clearly painted by Catherine, and Annalise tells Connor she can only represent either him or his sister. Frank lets Annalise know that Philip’s been arrested.

Bonnie finally comes to talk to Asher, who promises to do anything he can to “make it right,” when Bonnie tells him that his father hanged himself.

Asher goes to talk to his mother, and she accuses him of not being upset over his father’s death, asking if he was just “happy he finally got what he deserved.” Asher’s mother then accuses him of choosing Annalise over his family.

Nate calls Annalise and tells her they have another “Sinclair problem,” and when she gets off the phone, she is visibly shaken. Annalise goes back to Caleb’s house, and tells him and the rest of the group that Sinclair is coming over and they’re going to tell her everything. Instead, Bonnie shows up and Sinclair is dead in her trunk.

The timeline is then reversed six hours, and we find out Nate decided to file a racial discrimination suit against Sinclair, but soon after meets up with her and she tries to get him to drop the charges.

Asher follows Sinclair to the parking lot, and tells her that she’s to blame for his father death. Sinclair tells Asher that his father was a bad man who deserved to die. Sinclair walks away, but Asher, consumed by rage, reverses the car and runs her over.

Bonnie shows up and Asher tells her that he wants to call the police, but she tells him she’s advising him not to do anything. Distraught, Bonnie calls Annalise and asks her what to do.

Annalise calls Frank and tells him to get the pills Nina wanted to use to kill herself and bring them with him. Annalise then tells the group they have to make Sinclair’s death look like an accident, but Connor refuses. Annalise tells Asher that it was the group that killed Sam, not Bonnie, and blackmails them to help Asher.

Annalise and the group begin to stage a crime scene, and she tells Frank that she’s trying to protect Nate, not Asher. Wes calls Nate, and tells him what happened and that Annalise is trying to protect him.

Connor and Michaela decide they’re leaving, while Laurel tries to figure out what to do with the gun. Bonnie and Asher stage Sinclair’s death and they throw her body off the balcony. Bonnie tells Connor and Michaela that they’ll be the next to die it they don’t get on board, as Asher begins to doubt the cover-up is going to work.

Annalise tells Bonnie to take Asher away from the house. Meanwhile, Frank drugs Catherine so her can bring her back to the house. Philip goes looking for Catherine at the mansion because he can’t find her at the motel they agreed to meet at.

Annalise calls 911, claiming to have been shot by her client Catherine and then tells Connor to shoot her. Michaela stands in front of Annalise, and begs Connor not to shoot her. Annalise then begs Wes and Laurel to shoot her in the leg, but they refuse. Annalise tells Wes that Rebecca is dead, and she’s been lying to Wes about her this whole time. Wes then shoots Annalise in the stomach.

Annalise begins to whisper “Christoph, Christoph.” A flashback to 10 years earlier shows that Annalise knew Wes when he was a child. Christoph talks to police, as Annalise watches and Eve says to her, “what did we do?” The show won’t return now until February.

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