“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “We’re Bad People”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap January 25

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap January 25


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder” winter premiere, Annalise faced a murder charge as everyone tried to cope with Wes’ death. Here are the most important things to know about “We’re Bad People,” the 10th episode of season three and the midseason premiere.

IN THE PRESENT: Annalise was transferred to the county prison as Wes’ autopsy was conducted. Bonnie told Laurel Wes died before the fire, and Laurel was convinced Frank did it. He denied it to Bonnie, and pointed the finger at the Mahoneys, convinced they found out Wes was Wallace’s son. Annalise insisted Bonnie represent her at the bail hearing. Laurel told investigators she didn’t see anyone in the house but went into the basement, heard a noise from upstairs, and woke up in the hospital. “Annalise didn’t do this,” she told the cops.

Michaela’s mom left without saying goodbye, Nate revealed his hookups with ADA Atwood to their boss to avoid getting in trouble for visiting Annalise behind bars, and Oliver told Connor that he wiped Annalise’s phone. Nate, unconvinced of Annalise’s innocence, told Bonnie to be “on the right side” and offered her immunity for everything, which she rejected.

Annalise couldn’t sleep or eat in prison, but finally relinquished her dignity and peed in front of her cellmates. Frank paid a cop in exchange for police phone records, and discovered a call from Sam’s sister, Hannah. Annalise admitted leaving her a drunken voicemail hours before the fire, and was convinced she tipped off the police. At the hearing, the prosecution asked for no bail, and Bonnie pushed them to reveal their source, wanting them to admit it was Hannah so she could point out Hannah’s bias.

Because they wanted to keep their source anonymous, the judge demanded additional evidence of probable cause. ADA Atwood revealed they were investigating Annalise for other crimes and were in the process of negotiating immunity for Wes, and posited that Annalise killed him before he could take the deal. With that, the judge demanded Annalise be held without bail until trial.

Connor, Michael and Asher visited Laurel, where Connor questioned Annalise’s innocence and said Oliver was going to crack. Asher, in turn, accused Connor, and Laurel confessed the baby was Wes’. When Connor snidely said to get an abortion, Asher knocked him out. Meggy treated Connor’s injuries as Michaela demanded Asher go home before telling Laurel she’d be there for her. Connor urged Oliver to go to the police and get immunity for himself, and confessed he slept with Thomas. “We are bad people,” Connor told him, admitting he feels “nothing” over Wes’ death. But Oliver refused to be pushed away.

In the final minutes, Asher apologized to both Michaela and Connor for his behavior as they watched the prosecution’s press conference about Annalise. It was announced Wes’ cause of death was asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. Laurel told Frank she saw someone running out of the house, and asked if it was him. He said it wasn’t, but she still blamed him, saying Wes would still be alive if he stayed away. “It’s always you,” she said.

Nate confronted the coroner about changing her initial theory that Wes died before the fire but got no answers. Through tears, Annalise finally ate a sandwich in her prison cell. Bonnie called Frank, unaware he was at the police station confessing, “I did it.”

IN FLASHBACKS: Annalise watched Wes play soccer with Meggy, and he revealed he scored an internship. Wes and Laurel worried she was pregnant after their condom broke. Wes came to Asher’s rescue when a black woman he mistook for Michaela accused him of sexual harassment and racism. Connor told Wes he was in therapy, and wondered if they should be “good people” and let Meggy and Oliver go. Wes confessed to Michaela that he was seeing Laurel. The show ended with Wes leaving the police station and Frank telling him to get in his car. “It’s time we talk,” he said.

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