“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “There’s My Baby”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap March 10 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap March 10 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” the Keating 5 were questioned over Sinclair’s murder, and the truth about Annalise, her baby, and Wes’ mother was finally revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “There’s My Baby,” the 14th episode of season two.

IN THE PRESENT: The show picked up where last week ended, with a man (Philip?) attacking Annalise in Wes’ apartment while she was on the phone with Eve. She managed to escape, and met the pair at the police station. Back at her place, she told the Keating 5 that no one was allowed to go out alone until Philip was caught. Eve told Annalise that she didn’t need to keep protecting Wes, and urged her to come back to NYC with her, where she’d be “safe.”

Nate informed everyone that Caleb was missing, and a crying Michaela told Annalise, “This is all your fault.” After, the ADA interviewed everyone who was at the mansion in the video, which he (rightly) assumed was taken that fateful night. Each did their best to dodge his questions as he tried to trip them up. The ADA offered immunity to whichever one of them would finally tell the truth, and Asher felt guilty over everyone taking the rap for him. Bonnie pointedly said, though, that this started with Lila, and whoever killed her should take the blame. In private, Frank ripped her for judging him when she “offed” Rebecca.

Asher apologized to the group for “messing up,” and thanked them for “protecting” him. Connor wanted to tell Oliver the truth, but Bonnie convinced him not to, saying they’d all end up in jail. Though he wasn’t on the footage, the ADA later questioned Asher, too, revealing a witness put him at the parking garage where Sinclair was last seen alive.

As Annalise drank in her office, Nate questioned why Wes was with Eve earlier, and Wes confronted Laurel for hiding the document that named him a suspect in his mother’s death, still thinking it was possible he killed her. Clearly drunk later, Annalise demanded Bonnie tell her why she was on the outs with Frank. Instead of telling the truth, she switched gears, and asked what was really going on with her and Wes. “Who is he, Annalise?” she asked.

Annalise responded by kicking everyone out… except Wes. As the group all got drunk at a bar, Oliver told Connor he quit his job, wanting to live his life “carpe diem” style. Back at the house, Annalise told Wes, “I blame myself for everything that happened.” She went on to say that she wanted to win the Mahoney case, so she did as they asked and put pressure on his mother, who in turn “hurt herself.” She told him point-blank, “It’s my fault she died, Wes.”

Wes’ response? “I don’t believe you.” He was convinced she was hiding more, otherwise she would’ve told him everything long ago.

IN FLASHBACKS: Ten years prior, Annalise and Eve watched Christophe be questioned by the police over his mother’s death. Without admitting she was there, Annalise insisted to officials that it was a suicide, but they suspected the Mahoney family may have killed her for not showing up for the alibi testimony. Charles’ father, Wallace, confronted her afterward for “losing my son’s trial” now that his “only alibi is in the morgue.” She, however, blamed him, demanding to know why Rose was so terrified of him and his family. In response, he threatened to fire her.

Meanwhile, Frank hooked up with a random woman at his Cleveland hotel, and took a verbal whipping from Annalise the next day. She clearly felt guilty over Rose’s suicide and concerned for Christophe’s future, so she asked Eve to tell officials that Rose was threatened by the Mahoney family. When Eve refused, she drove to the police station to tell them herself, only to be hit by a car on the way.

Sam was in a therapy session with Bonnie when he got the call that Annalise was rushed to the hospital, with their baby’s heart not beating and an immediate C-section planned. Heartbreakingly, though, the baby’s life couldn’t be saved. Sam arrived just as Annalise broke down holding her dead son in her arms. As she sobbed and apologized, Sam said it was just a freak “accident,” but Annalise said, “I did this to him,” because she insisted on staying in Cleveland to work on the case. After, meeting for the first time, Sam told Eve that Annalise was off the Mahoney case, and he’d be taking her home.

The show then flashed back to earlier, when Annalise and Charles’ dad argued over Rose. She deduced: He raped her repeatedly, and was Chistophe’s father. Wallace fired her on the spot for the accusation.

Back in the present, in the episode’s final moments, Annalise told Wes his father is alive, and his name is “Wallace Mahoney.” As Wes looked up his father on the Internet, Annalise cried as she looked at the only picture she had of her baby, a drunk Michaela hooked up with Asher, Bonnie told Frank she knew he killed Lila for Sam, and a wasted Laurel returned to Annalise’s house and asked why she made Frank kill Lila. “It was all you, all along,” she drunkenly accused.

In the last scene, Annalise showed up on her mother’s doorstep. Next week: The season two finale!


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