“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “There Are Worse Things Than Murder”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap September 29 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap September 29 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Connor struggled with his breakup and, in the flash-forward, Annalise was arrested. Here are the most important things to know about “There Are Worse Things Than Murder,” the second episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Annalise listened to a voicemail from Frank crying about killing the private investigator. He then staged a car accident and put the body in the car. Annalise asked Nate to help her find Frank, but wouldn’t reveal why she was scared of him. Bonnie also discovered Laurel was calling Frank, and said she’d “take care” of it.

President Hargrove told Annalise they were looking into the “killer” posters and praised her legal clinic. Annalise downplayed the situation, but invited Wes to come stay at her house, where she had new locks put on. Wes thought Annalise only invited her to move in with him to keep him safe, but she confessed to being “lonely.”

Wes’ girlfriend Meggy was outraged after the posters were picked up by the media, but Laurel wondered if she was secretly behind them. She was also worried that Wes or Frank were suspects in Wallace’s murder. She later apologized to him when Meggy’s background came up clean, and he asked her to let him move on.

In the class’ new case, the students had to work on getting parole for an older woman, who years earlier was convicted of murdering her husband following years of physical and sexual abuse. Connor won the right to spearhead the case, but the students weren’t taking him seriously. He and Oliver awkwardly interacted as they continued to live together after their split, and Oliver had an even more awkward introduction to Annalise’s students.

At the first hearing, the parole board questioned why the woman never brought up her husband’s abuse before. Connor became increasingly angry that they seemed to be defending an abuser, and was convinced his outburst ruined the case. To convince the client to open up, Connor privately confessed to murdering someone, too. Annalise was furious at him, given that she works to protect him and the others, and told Connor to keep his mouth shut.

But Connor’s unusual pep talk worked, and the woman told the parole board about the horrific abuse she faced, and how she knew he would beat her for the rest of her life if she didn’t kill him. “You want me to say I’m sorry, that I regret my actions, but I don’t,” she told them. “How can I when it’s the one action that finally set me free?”

Annalise realized that the man abused his sister as well, and tried to convince her to change her stance against the parole. She initially refused, but then decided not to testify at all. The board then ruled to grant the woman’s parole and give her immediately release.

Afterward, Annalise was suspended by the university, with it being said she was too much of a liability, given the media attention. She expressed outrage, pointing out that she was the one being harassed by an unknown person, and dared them to lock her out of the classroom. She vowed to keep teaching her students regardless.

Oliver wanted to celebrate Connor’s victory, and Connor kissed him, pleading to reunite. Oliver refused, and said he needs to be “alone” and that if Connor wanted to make him happy, he’d let him go. So Connor said he’d move out. Meanwhile, Bonnie confronted Laurel about her calls to Frank, and she confessed to leaving voicemails, admitting she now knew she loved him, even though he killed Lila. Bonnie told her to stop her “fantasy” of him, saying, “There are worse things than murder, Laurel, and you don’t know that and that’s a good thing. But Frank knows that and I know that.”

When Nate couldn’t track Frank, he said he’d come over and be Annalise’s bodyguard. Before he arrived, Wes came over, but Annalise said he wasn’t needed. Still, they ended up talking about Laurel, and Wes insisted she could be trusted. Annalise and Bonnie then made Laurel leave Frank a voicemail begging for him to come back to town, claiming they all wanted him to return.

Amid all this, Asher wanted to go public with Michaela, but she insisted they’re not a “couple” and he’s just a “meat stick” to her. She said they’d never work because of their differences, particularly race issues. But Asher insisted they’re the same because of everything that’s happened with them with Annalise. In the final few minutes, when a crying Connor showed up to crash at Michaela’s place, Asher was there, and she confessed they’re “screwing.”

IN FLASHFOWARDS: Two months in the future, after a body was taken away, police questioned a crying Annalise about the fire at her house, and dared them to arrest her. A distraught Oliver showed up, asking about the body. She wouldn’t confirm someone died, and gave him her cell phone to wipe clean. Annalise was then arrested at the end of the episode.

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