“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Stay Strong, Mama”

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HTGAWM Recap November 2 2017

By Shari Weiss |

HTGAWM Recap November 2 2017


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise moved forward with her class action suit with Connor’s help while Laurel continued investigating her father with Michaela. Here are the most important things to know about “Stay Strong, Mama,” the sixth episode of season four.

IN THE PRESENT: Annalise vented about Bonnie in a therapy session with Isaac. He rejected his own therapist’s suggestion he tell her what happened with “Julie” and find Annalise a new counselor. Isaac was most triggered over the fact that Annalise had lost a baby, and gave her a homework assignment: Write a letter to Sam. Bonnie later apologized to Isaac for her stunt, and he encouraged her to continue working with another counselor.

D.A. Denver praised Bonnie for reviewing the cases from the P.D.’s office as Annalise and Connor tried to keep Claudia as a client, even as the city was threatening to seize her family’s home unless she dropped out. She saw it as an “intimidation tactic” from the state, but was warned by a judge that she might not be the best person for a case with such “public scrutiny.” Annalise confronted Denver and his staff in the D.A’s office, appealing to their conscience, and Bonnie confronted Nate about lying about Annalise’s investigation. He in turn warned her to “wake the hell up.” Denver her then reassigned her, saying she was too emotionally connected to Annalise.

Asher told Frank that Michaela was lying to him and asked for advice. Laurel’s father was at the law firm for a meeting, leading Michaela and Oliver to panic and Laurel to worry. Asher confronted Michaela at work, and she lied about what they were up to, claiming she was Laurel’s “birthing partner.” Laurel, who asked her doctor about a paternity test, had to go with the lie when Asher offered her a shoulder to cry on if needed. She hid her baby bump from her dad, who said his company was going public, which would make her very rich. He wanted her to sign a contract, and she concluded that he had Wes killed to stop him from spilling about the Keating 5’s bad deeds before his IPO.

Michaela bonded with Tegan, who spoke about giving up her love life for her job. She also talked about brokering Laurel’s dad’s deal, and said it would lead to her own law firm, where she could hire Michaela. But Laurel wanted her to continue their investigation. Oliver later got the details on a private server room constructed for Laurel’s dad’s company, but they would need Michaela to steal Tegan’s access card. She angrily refused, and they were unaware that their conversation was being filmed by a hidden camera-stuffed bear that Asher had given Laurel.

Annalise didn’t write the letter, and instead gave Isaac her only photo of the baby, crying about the loss and losing the person she was before then. She became enraged when Isaac interrupted, confessing that she attempted suicide in the aftermath and was saved by Bonnie. He insisted she was “strong,” even as she said she wanted a drink. The suicidal confession was another trigger for Isaac, whose therapist again told him he needed to cut ties with Annalise before becoming “very, very sick” again.

Annalise’s failed letter-writing inspired her and Connor to go public with the D.A.’s secret campaign against the prisoners who were signed on her to suit. They held a press conference with Claudia’s son, publicly pleading for an injunction against the D.A.’s office. The judge again warned her that she’d face more push-back as the suit goes on, but Annalise asked him, “Which side of justice do you want to be on?” And so, he signed the injunction.

Towards the end of the episode, Oliver lied to Connor about what he was secretly doing at work at the same time Asher again confronted Michaela, showing the footage he captured. To stop him from leaving, she blurted, “Laurel’s dad killed Wes.” He was furious over her lying and left anyway. He went to Bonnie’s house to see Frank, and instead found Bonnie crying and drinking. “I messed everything up,” she sobbed into her ex’s arms. Frank told Laurel he scored high on his LSAT, and said whether he’s the baby’s dad or not, he’ll “love the hell” out of them both. He sealed his promise with a kiss. Isaac cried as he watched a video of himself with his therapist and their teen daughter. At the same time, the woman went to Annlise, telling her, “I’m Isaac’s ex-wife.”

IN FLASHFORWARDS: One week later, Annalise sat in a shower, rinsing off blood in a state of shock.

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