“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Something Bad Happened”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap March 3 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap March 3 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise tried to protect the Keating 5 from Philip, while Wes continued to investigate his mother’s death. Here are the most important things to know about “Something Bad Happened,” the 13th episode of season two.

IN THE PRESENT: The show began with Wes telling the psychiatric doctor about his mother being a witness in Annalise’s Charles Mahoney case and dying two days after she didn’t testify. Picking up from last week’s confrontation, Annalise insisted to Laurel that the paper saying Wes may have killed his mother was nonsense. But Laurel was convinced she was “hiding” something. Next, Frank tried to make up with Laurel after his confession that he killed Lila, but she wouldn’t accept his apology.

Just after, the group received a new video of Michaela kissing Caleb as she left his house that morning, indicating Philip was following their every move. Annalise took the footage to the A.D.A., saying she was in danger with Philip and this evidence could help locate him, but she wanted immunity for herself and her associates for anything related to the night of Sinclair’s murder.

Nate gave Annalise the heads up that the A.D.A. was going to play her, promising immunity but actually executing a search warrant at her house. She immediately told Bonnie to shred all files, when in actuality the group was getting the warrant stalled. The cops showed up and entered before it was officially signed, making anything found in the home inadmissible. Annalise then demanded immunity again, or she would sue for “abuse of authority.”

The doctor questioned Wes’ “maternal” relationship with Annalise, leading him to walk out and say he’d go to the police with his concerns about his mom. As he went over the files again, Laurel showed up to tell him Philip was stalking them. He kicked her out after finding out she went to Annalise behind his back. He eventually went to Annalise’s house, but found it empty, as she was staying at Nate’s. Snooping around, Wes discovered the police document that named him a suspect in his mother’s death.

Everyone else was bunking in at Connor and Oliver’s, convinced that would be the safest place to hide from Philip. Oliver mentioned Stanford, and Michaela was upset that he wanted to transfer. While they were all together, Bonnie and Frank bonded over a drink, discussing relationship woes and how they used to have lives but would be with Annalise “to the end.”

The next day, the A.D.A questioned Annalise over the footage of her students running from the house, but she pointed out that the video was undated, which didn’t sway his suspicious much. Annalise warned the group that they would be questioned but everyone had to keep their mouths shut, particularly with significant others. Laurel called Annalise out for not being concerned about Wes’ whereabouts, and wanted to know the reason she wasn’t telling him the “truth.” Annalise accused her of just being “upset that we cover up murders to save your asses again and again.”

Wes took the document to the doctor, wondering if he had blocked out the traumatic act of killing his mother with selective amnesia. She thought he was creating a false memory to make sense of it all, but Wes said he’s done things that can’t tell her and it’s “possible I could’ve killed her.” The doc, however, kept insisting Wes was wrong. After, Wes packed up the file, but not before seeing a name he recognized: Eve’s.

Frank again tried to make up with Laurel, saying he confessed his sins to her because he loves her. She tearfully said she didn’t love him back and they were “over.” Bonnie was secretly listening in on the conversation.

IN FLASHBACKS: The first scene from 10 years prior showed an immigration official taking Wes’ mom Rose into custody, and the lawyer she was assigned to was Eve. After, Annalise gave Frank the day off and told him to leave her alone. Three years after their romance, Eve showed up at Annalise’s hotel room saying she “felt like the devil” for getting involved in the Rose situation. She was stunned to find out Annalise was pregnant. Annalise said she was convinced “something bad” was going to happen with the pregnancy, and the two began fighting over Annalise leaving her and moving on with Sam. Eve accused her of just being scared, but Annalise said it was actually that she’s just “not gay,” and Eve simply provided what she needed back when they were together.

Charles’ father called Annalise and wanted to know why Rose was being “shipped back to Haiti,” and it seemed like Annalise purposefully had Rose’s immigration status threatened to get her to testify. Eve told Rose that her son would get to stay in the U.S. since he was a citizen, and she agreed to testify. After, Eve apologized to Annalise for their fight, and she broke down in tears about not being “ready” to be a parent. At the same time, Rose was frantically packing up her apartment with Christophe and then wanted to take him to a hotel, but he bolted from the car. The next flashback showed him standing over his mother’s stabbed and bleeding body, and Annalise tearfully running from the apartment.

The show then flashed back to a bit earlier, after the Eve talk but before the killing, showing Charles’ father informing Annalise that Rose was trying to leave town. He warned that if Rose wants to “protect” her son, she must protect his. Annalise shot back that if Christophe is “touched,” she will make sure Charles to jail. Annalise then went to the apartment, where Rose was crying over Christophe running away.

They argued over the growing mess, and Annalise told her that her son’s life was being threatened. It was clear that Rose knew something about the Mahoney family that she was too scared to reveal, and told Annalise to “take care of my boy” before stabbing herself in the neck. Annalise panicked and seemed to have pregnancy pains, and couldn’t bring herself to call 911. Instead, she ran out and hid when she saw Christope returning. The boy then went in and found his mother dying, and pulled out the knife before calling 911. Annalise snuck out, presumably unseen.

At the end of the episode, back in the present day, Annalise went to Wes’ dorm room, but he wouldn’t let her in. She slipped a piece of paper under the door and when he seemingly unlocked the door, she went in, but was interrupted by a phone call. It was Eve, saying Wes was outside her home and demanding answers about his mom. But if he was there, who was in Wes’ room? Suddenly, someone tackled Annalise from behind. Now there’s just one more episode until the season finale.


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