“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Is Someone Really Dead?”

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How To Get Away With Murder

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise and the Keating 5 dealt with a new revelation, while one more character was confirmed to still be alive. Here are the most important things to know about “Is Someone Really Dead?,” the sixth episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Bonnie told an angry Annalise that she recorded Frank confessing to Wallace Mahoney’s murder. But Annalise didn’t want to go to the police, fearing Frank would in turn tell them all their murderous secrets. Police wanted to question Wes as a suspect, so Annalise put him on lock down at her house.

Wes lied to Meggy, claiming Wallace was a stranger who’s murder he witnessed. Annalise, who felt Bonnie had betrayed her by meeting with Frank, made the two babysit each other. Bonnie told Wes he’s to blame for Annalise’s problems, that they all started with his interest in Rebecca. Annalise later filled in the rest of the Keating 5 on the Wallace situation, but Bonnie wasn’t convinced Frank tipped off the cops about Wes. She continued to hide their hookup from Laurel, who left a message for Frank saying she’ll never forgive him if he did indeed point the finger at Wes.

Amidst this, Annalise’s license was reinstated after she agreed to go to AA and take random drug tests. She was also told to change her behavior in and out of court. At class, a new case was introduced: A female veteran named Dani who was arrested for assault after she and her girlfriend were harassed by a guy at a bar. Simon suggested a PTSD defense and earned first chair. At court against ADA Atwood, Annalise cross-examined the victim so aggressively that the judge threatened to report her conduct. Dani, however, had lied about the incident that supposedly led to her PTSD, undermining their defense plan.

Nate confessed to Annalise that he’s seeing Atwood, and Annalise admitted she was keeping Wes from the cops. Back at court, Annalise had Dani tell the war story anyway, but privately confessed to the judge that her client was perjuring herself. The ADA then offered a deal where instead of prison, she would go to substance abuse counseling and leaves the reserves. Annalise encouraged her to take it.

Later, Connor also had it out with Wes, blaming him for everything that’s gone wrong since he killed Sam. He also threatened to kill him if Wes named him to the police. Wes accused Annalise of not wanting to turn Frank in because she still cared for him, leading her to tell him about Frank and Wallace’s involvement in her son’s death. Wes felt guilty for having Annalise always protecting him, and she said she was trying to be a good person.

Meggy wanted to get Wes a lawyer, and thought he was only pushing her away out of fear. But he essentially broke up with her, telling her, “You have to go.” Bonnie, with Annalise’s permission, hooked Wes up with a lawyer to aid him in his police interview. But by the time the guy showed up, Wes had disappeared from Annalise’s house.

Meanwhile, Asher told Michaela they’re “done” when she refused to open up about her family, and then tried to make her jealous with talk of another woman. He later insisted that he wants to officially be her boyfriend and become “family” since he lost his own. She said she never had one, and finally started to let her walls down. Connor and Oliver also had their own jealousy issues when Oliver went on a successful date.

Towards the end of the show, Wes went to Laurel’s, where he destroyed the recording of Frank, saying he wanted to protect Annalise. But he also wanted to protect her. That led Laurel to tell him she’s not in love with Frank and kiss him. Wes said he broke up with Meggy, which led them to sleep together. In the final minutes, Wallace’s son Charles was arrested for the murder, leading them all to realize Frank framed him to protect them.

IN FLASHFORWARDS: Michaela couldn’t reach Asher after learning about the fire, and told her white mother (Brett Butler) to butt out as she panicked. She eventually found him at the dorm, but he didn’t know where Connor was. Asher then revealed Annalise had called them to come over, leading him to ask, “Is someone really dead?”

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