“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “She Hates Us”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 18 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 18 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” everyone struggled to move on from the night of Annalise’s shooting, as more details about her past were revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “She Hates You,” the 11th episode of season two.

The show opened with a flashback to 10 years prior, where a pregnant Annalise was struggling with morning sickness as she worked with a different group of students, including Bonnie. Sam was upset that she seemed more focus on her career than their baby. In the present day, Annalise was told she was healing well, but admitted to the doctor she was struggling, just as Wes was doing the same in his own appointment. Both were urged to go to therapy. But when Wes’ plea for sleeping pills was rejected, he exclaimed, “Just don’t feel bad if I end up shooting myself.” Because of that statement, the doc wouldn’t let him leave.

Annalise was none too pleased that the group was at court for her first case back, during which her client, Jason, was taking a plea deal for a murder charge. The victim’s mother interrupted the proceedings, claiming she actually wanted her son’s killer to have a shorter sentence. The judge decided to postpone signing off on the deal, ordering a restorative justice meeting to be held first. In another flashback, Annalise called out Frank for flirting with the interns (“think with your big head instead of your little one”) after Sam convinced him not to book her flight out of town for work.

Wes called Laurel for help from the psych ward, and she tried to pass herself off as Wes’ girlfriend before threatening to sue for a wrongful diagnosis, but the doctor shot her down, saying that the law says she can hold him for 120 hours regardless. Laurel panicked that Wes could crack in there, and went to Annalise for help, telling her to just forgive him. In response, Annalise fired her. They were interrupted when Caleb showed up, begging Annalise to help find Philip so he could be brought to justice. She refused, and he had a testy exchange with Michaela about which of them was the “whore” and using the other.

Another flashback showed Bonnie and Annalise bonding as the then-student tried to help her teacher with her pregnancy pain. It was clear Bonnie had a hidden past, too, as Sam was apparently helping her get through something. In the present day, Michaela was concerned about Annalise being temperamental, and questioned why Bonnie was overlooking it. Frank later urged Nate to visit Annalise, saying she was “off.”

At the meeting, the victim’s mother said she looked to God and researched Jason’s background, and couldn’t blame him for his actions, that the world was to blame for letting him get a gun and grow up without love. She called it all an “accident,” and thought the rest of Jason’s life shouldn’t be ruined and they should instead heal together. The team, however, discovered that after the murder, he faked a text supposedly from the victim to his mom, suggesting he wasn’t so deserving of her sympathy.

Annalise cryptically told the woman that some criminals need more than a talk to learn their lesson, after which Jason broke down and confessed to the mother that he shot her son in “cold blood” and that his “last words” weren’t real. As a result, the prosecutor decided to back out the plea deal and up the charge from murder two to first degree with the death penalty. The mother still insisted to Annalise that she didn’t want Jason spending his life in prison on death row, even though Annalise thought her client belonged there, and told her to “get over yourself and do your job.”

Afterward, a flashback showed Annalise at an ultrasound, getting permission to take her flight. Back in the present day, Annalise told her team that they needed to get the plea deal back. Michaela objected, saying that if Catherine deserved to be behind bars, so did Jason, and questioned Annalise’s conscience. Annalise said they’ve all done bad things, but when Laurel revealed to everyone that Wes was in the pysch ward and she wasn’t helping him, all the students angrily stormed out.

At a new hearing, Annalise and the prosecutor sparred over going to trial, and the DA backed down on the death penalty, but only if Jason agreed to life in prison without parole. Over Annalise and the mother’s objections, Jason said he did, because he deserved to pay for what he did. The mom was actually crushed, and begged him to stay in touch with her.

Meeting with the doctor, Wes brought up his mother’s death, but claimed his only issues right now were stress from law school. He insisted Annalise’s shooting had nothing to do with it, but the doc saw right through that. Wes went on to recall the day his mother died when he was 12, and how he didn’t help her when he found her. The doc said Annalise’s shooting “triggered” these memories, but she was obviously unaware that Wes had been the shooter and left her bleeding. Wes was released just as the group showed up demanding he be let go, and he assured them that he didn’t spill any of their secrets. They all ended up having a serious talk about how they need to look out for each other from now on, because Annalise clearly wasn’t.

Later, Frank and Laurel argued about Annalise coming between them, and she admitted that Wes was the one who shot Annalise, not her, and now Annalise was holding it against him, even though it was her idea. They fought over who was keeping worse secrets, and his reluctance to take their relationship to the next level led her to tearfully call things off. Before she could leave, though, he confessed, “I killed Lila.”

A flashback showed Annalise in Cleveland meeting Rose, the woman in last week’s flashbacks. She apparently had a connection to the case Annalise was working on, and Annalise vowed she wouldn’t let her or her son (Wes?) get hurt. Back in the present, Nate went to see Annalise, who wasn’t home because she went to leave a package at Wes’ door. The file she gave him was the same she had showed Rose 10 years ago. Back at her house at the end of the episode, Connor called to say he was sent a video from that night showing them running from the crime scene: “I think Philip’s back.”


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