“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Not Everything’s About Annalise”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 2 2017

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 2 2017


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise struggled in prison and the Keating Four struggled out of it as Frank confessed to Wes’ murder. Here are the most important things to know about “Not Everything’s About Annalise,” the 11th episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Frank gave a confession, saying he knocked Wes out with chloroform and set the fire, pinning his motive on anger over Laurel’s pregnancy. The detectives tried to grill Annalise on her connection to Frank, but she refused to talk without Bonnie present. As Bonnie arrived, she saw Frank getting arrested. “I killed Wes, tell Annalise I’m sorry,” he yelled out.

Bonnie wanted a distraught Annalise released, but ADA Atwood refused. Nate was tasked by the DA with investigating Frank’s involvement. He told Laurel that Frank confessed, but she wouldn’t talk, confirming his suspicion that Frank didn’t actually know about her pregnancy before Wes’ death.

Soraya offered Connor, Michaela, and Asher counseling, but Michaela thought she was just doing damage control and insisted that Annalise was being “framed.” Bonnie wanted Oliver to hack the DA to see their evidence, and Connor was forced to reveal he knows about Sam’s murder. “When are we going to stop helping Annalise when it only makes things worse?” Connor asked. Bonnie reminded, “It’s your lives on the line here, too.”

Atwood thought she’d be fired for wrongfully indicting Annalise, leading her to interrogate Frank over his confession. “You’re lying for Annalise,” she insisted. The interrogation was intercut with inmates taunting Annalise over Wes’ death until she snapped, “Get the hell away from me before I beat your face!” After, Soraya visited her, but Annalise insisted she’s “fine.”

Michaela told Oliver that “Sam deserved it,” and warned him of “consequences” before demanding he hack the DA, angering Connor. Oliver’s hacking revealed the DA found Jane Doe’s body, identified as Rebecca. The files revealed the full extent of the investigation (basically, most of their suspicious/bad deeds), panicking Michaela and leading Bonnie to advise Annalise to pin it all on Frank and take an immunity deal.

Meanwhile, Meggy’s inquisitiveness led Laurel to bluntly tell her, “We’re not friends.” Nate was next to interrogate Frank, saying Wes was dead before the fire (despite the coroner’s final report), and that he knew Frank was trying to make up for what he did to Annalise. “Not everything’s about Annalise,” Frank shot back.

As Bonnie made her pitch for immunity, an unsympathetic Atwood tried to get Annalise to break by talking about Wes and showing her photos of his burned body. She broke, crying out, “Uncuff me, I’ll show you pain!” And so Atwood declared, “No deal.” Back in her cell, Annalise used a razor to butcher her own hair.

Connor was ready to flee the country as they commiserated with Laurel, who said Meggy was “sketchy.” Bonnie arrived and kicked the rest out to tell Laurel, “You can fix this.” Asher later thanked Michaela for being tough, while Connor apologized to Oliver for that toughness. They discussed the “mess,” and their respective parts, confirming they “need” each other.

In the final minutes, Laurel told the detectives she had told Frank about the pregnancy last week, thereby confirming his motive, but they immediately thought Annalise and Bonnie were behind her claim. She then cried, confessing she saw Frank running from the house. “He did this,” she insisted. That led Frank to be charged with first degree murder. But, Bonnie told a now-cornrowed Annalise, “They charged him as your co-conspirator.” Annalise’s response: “I deserve this.”

IN FLASHBACKS: In the car, Wes told Frank the police are investigating Annalise and he might spill. They feuded over both her and Laurel, with Wes saying Annalise would “never forgive” him (Frank) if he hurt him (Wes). They also fought over whether Frank killed Rebecca, leading Wes to angrily bail from the car. Frank then called Bonnie, saying, “We have a puppy problem,” and promised to keep following him.

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