“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “No More Blood”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap November 10 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap November 10 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” the tension between Annalise and Frank reached a breaking point. Here are the most important things to know about “No More Blood,” the eighth episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Picking up where last week’s show ended, Bonnie woke up Annalise to tell her Frank was back. Frank told Laurel he was back because he “needs” her and “loves her.” She lashed out at him, and was interrupted by a call from the two women, with Annalise saying she’d “shoot him” if he came to her home. “Keep him there, or he’s dead,” she warned. And so, Laurel refused to let him go.

Wes was subpoenaed to testify he saw Charles at the scene of Wallace’s murder, and that led Bonnie to tell Frank, “Annalise needs your help.” Wes was disturbed by his return, although Laurel insisted nothing happened between her and her ex since he came back. Frank was sent to look into Charles’ attorney and the alibi they planned to use for him, but the rest of the Keating 5 were all angry that he was back and involved.

Michaela and Connor refused to get drawn in further, but Asher wanted to help Wes. They decided to use his psychiatric records to delay the hearing, but when he went to get them at the medical center, an angry Meggy saw him canoodling with Laurel. Wes’ attorney was upset with Annalise for “interfering” with the case, but the move worked as Charles’ camp demanded Wes get a psych evaluation before testifying, thereby giving them the additional time they wanted.

While trailing the attorney, Frank recognized the woman with the lawyer as the one who gave him the money in exchange for causing Annalise’s car crash. She was stunned when Bonnie told her, “She took your son from you.” But Annalise wanted Frank to “do nothing.” When Wes reminded her that Frank was responsible for the death of her son, she shot back, “And you killed Sam!” They were at least in agreement that his new romance with Laurel was a good thing.

Frank broke into the home of the aforementioned woman, Lisa, and saw that she had a daughter. He wanted to get revenge in the name of “an eye for an eye,” but Annalise insisted, “No more blood.” She had traumatic flashbacks to her son’s stillbirth, and went to buy liquor, but instead bought junk food. When Frank called to tell Bonnie he left the house without doing anything, she told him to “go back in,” saying it was what Annalise needed.

They had another plan that entailed slipping the jailed Charles a burner phone and sending Laurel to talk to Nate. She denied Annalise sent her, and told him that Wes was “in trouble.” Meanwhile, Wes was cleared to testify after passing the psych eval, and, naturally, swore to tell the truth. He said he had approached Wallace because he was lost, and saw Charles in the area.

Charles’ attorney, however, accused Wes of lying and questioned whether he was working to take Charles down after being part of the plan to kill Wallace. Then, while Lisa was on the stand, she was accused by the D.A. of calling Charles, her lover, in prison to coordinate a fake alibi, thereby blowing his defense. In actuality, Frank secretly called Charles’ burner cell from Lisa’s home phone. Nate then tipped off the D.A. about the phone records that would show her calling Charles.

Amidst all this, Soraya told Annalise that her estranged husband had filed for divorce and threatened to go public with her DUI so now she sought her legal help. Thomas wanted another chance with Oliver, who wasn’t interested and wanted to hook up with Connor again. They did, but Connor didn’t want to tell him what was going on with Annalise and Wes, which led to an argument. Michaela, who earlier ignored a call from her mom, said she learned from her poor upbringing to put herself “first.” That’s why she didn’t want to get involved deeper with Wes’ legal issues, or get sucked back into her mom’s web.

Towards the end of the episode, following Oliver and Connor’s fight, he went to Michaela for comfort. Without her knowledge, Asher then answered a call from her mom. Later, Annalise demanded Bonnie give her time alone with Frank in her house. Frank told Annalise it was Sam who made him keep his involvement all those years ago a secret, and she called him out for letting her fall apart and not saying a word during all this time. “You killed my son,” she cried. “That was you. And you have the nerve to stay in my life, make me trust you, care for you.”

He wanted to “fix this,” and pulled out a gun and held it to his chin. “Let me fix it,” he begged. Her response: “What’s taken you so long? Think I’m going to feel guilty? ‘Cause I don’t.” Just as he told her he loved her, Bonnie walked in, tearfully pleading with him not to pull the trigger as Annalise urged him to.

IN FLASHFORWARDS: One week later, Annalise, in her jail cell, told Bonnie an “anonymous source” was responsible for her arrest, and Bonnie insisted it wasn’t her. She vowed to find out who was responsible, despite Annalise saying she was “done” and too “tired” to go on. Bonnie later told Michaela, Oliver and Asher that Annalise “didn’t do this,” but they were convinced she was responsible for the fire and Connor was dead. In actuality, he was hooking up with Thomas. So who IS dead? That will be revealed on next week’s winter finale.

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