“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Live, Live, Live”

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HTGAWM Recap November 16 2017

By Shari Weiss |

HTGAWM Recap November 16 2017


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder” winter finale, it was finally revealed what happened that night with Annalise and Laurel. Here are the most important things to know about “Live, Live, Live,” the eighth episode of season four.

The show began with the party at Tegan’s law firm, where Oliver told Laurel, Asher and Michaela, “Annalise knows everything.” He then realized they were panic-stricken and bloody, and screamed as he saw what was presumably a body on the floor. The episode then went back to 24 hours earlier, with Connor slamming Oliver for his secret-keeping and confronting Laurel for leaving him in the dark. Completely against their plans, Connor wanted to tell Annalise what was going on. When he blasted Frank, Frank started strangling him. Connor cried, “I just want us all to be safe. Why is that so hard to understand?” Laurel said he didn’t have to help, but just “do nothing.” He said he’d now be going to the party and would call Annalise and “pull the plug” if anything starts going wrong.

Annalise found Bonnie at her door, where Bonnie apologized for her stunt with Isaac. Annalise told Bonnie, “I can’t keep forgiving you for all the sick things you do.” Bonnie confessed her love and said Annalise would “need her,” but Annalise demanded she leave or she’d call the police. Bonnie the went to Nate for an emergency “Annalise Anonymous” session. At the same time, Isaac lashed out at Jacqueline for getting involved with Annalise. He thought she was just jealous of their closeness.

At the party the next night, Michaela needed to get Tegan’s key card to move forward with the plan, Oliver and Connor continued to argue and Laurel nervously waited at the dorm while Frank planted files on Simon’s home computer. Separately, both Laurel and Annalise tormented themselves by thinking about everything that was gone on. Annalise then went to Isaac, who apologized for Jacqueline’s meddling and said he was willing to be reported. She said she wouldn’t do that because “I want to keep seeing you.” He, however, said he couldn’t be her therapist because she knows too much about him. She in turn said their similar problems are why he needs to “help” her.

At the office party, Simon apologized to Oliver for always being mean to Connor and confessed his feelings for Ollie. Oliver then told Connor, Michaela and Asher that they couldn’t go forward with framing him as the whistleblower. But Michaela insisted, “We’re not quitting.” Laurel then showed up, demanding no one “bail.” So Connor, still against it all, called Annalise, telling her Laurel’s father had Wes killed, and now the group was planning to bankrupt his company and frame Simon.

Michaela got Tegan’s purse, passed the key card to Asher, who gave it to Laurel and Oliver to get into the server room. But Oliver didn’t know which of the particular servers had the files they needed, costing them time. They seemingly got the files, but with their five-minute window gone, Asher and Laurel instructed Oliver to plant the key card on Simon instead of slipping it back in Tegan’s purse. As Oliver searched for Simon, Connor confessed to Oliver that he told Annalise, who called Laurel. The episode’s timeline then caught up to the beginning, with Oliver going to a stunned Laurel, Asher and Michaela, where Simon lay bleeding and seemingly dead.

The show then flashed back to show what happened minutes prior, with Simon overhearing Laurel, Asher and Michaela talking about planting the key card on him. Laurel said she’d pay him to keep quiet, but he wrestled away her pocketbook, finding a gun. As they yelled at him to put it down, it accidentally went off, striking him in the head. They panicked over what to do with the weapon and whether anyone would believe it was an accident. That’s when Oliver arrived and the timeline caught up again. Michaela ordered Laurel to leave, so he dad wouldn’t know she was involved in what happened. She then wiped prints off the gun and put it next to the body. Oliver fruitlessly did CPR as Asher called 911, saying his friend shot himself. Michaela then went back to the party room, covered in blood and screaming for help.

Annalise called Frank, ripping him for letting Laurel go ahead with their scheme. When she arrived home, she didn’t notice a drop of blood outside the elevator, but then heard a woman crying out. The episode then flashed back again, to Laurel leaving Michaela and Asher. She was supposed to go home, but when she listened to Annalise’s voicemail, instructing her to come to her hotel, she went there instead. Laurel started bleeding down there, and a flashback revealed that when she stopped Frank from choking Connor the night before, Frank accidentally elbowed her stomach. Laurel was now stuck in the elevator as the pain kicked in and had no service to call 911. Annalise then found her unconscious in the elevator.

A 911 operator guided Annalise as she got the baby out and cut the umbilical cord, but the baby, born two months early, wasn’t breathing, so she had to do CPR, crying, “Live, live, live.” At the same time, Simon was in surgery while police arrested Asher. Connor was outside Laurel’s apartment and on the phone with Michaela, panicking over everything but unaware that Dominic was listening from around the corner. The finale ended with the baby starting to cry. “How To Get Away With Murder” returns January 18.

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