“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Lahey V. Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania”

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HTGAWM Recap March 1 2018

By Shari Weiss |

HTGAWM Recap March 1 2018


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise went to the Supreme Court with help from Olivia of “Scandal.” Here are the most important things to know about “Lahey V. Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania,” the 13th episode of season four.

After Annalise and Olivia teamed up on “Scandal” for the first half this two-hour crossover, this portion began with the pair rehearsing for their Supreme Court hearing. Michaela felt guilty over her near-kiss with Marcus, but Asher thought she just felt bad for taking Connor’s place as Annalise’s point person. Feeling slighted, Connor reluctantly agreed to join Oliver and the group in Washington.

A lawyer named Ingrid, representing Pennsylvania, did a TV interview criticizing both Annalise and Olivia, and suggested they were “using the case to distract us from their own criminal acts.” Liv warned Annalise, “It’s kill or be killed.” But Ingrid’s interview backfired, as it made the NAACP, ACLU and others wants to get involved. Still, Annalise didn’t want to give up her position as the lead lawyer for one of their counselors, and Olivia warned that if she lost, she’d significantly set back criminal justice reform.

As Annalise stressed, she also dodged calls from Jacqueline and phoned her mom to tell her about going before the Supreme Court, leading Annalise’s parents to come to D.C. She told Olivia she’d be presenting the case on her own, and Liv revealed Ingrid was privately courting one of the justices. That led Michaela and Marcus to do a stakeout, where their sexual tension increased until they gave in with an in-car hookup. Meanwhile, Laurel, Asher, Oliver and Connor set off on their trip from Pennsylvania to Washington.

Nate told his father his case would be heard before the Supreme Court and that he had permission to make the trip to the hearing. When Nate arrived in D.C., Olivia was disturbed to learn that their “face case” was the father of Annalise’s ex-boyfriend. The two women sparred over wanting justice versus repairing their reputations. “Stop handling me. Let me do my job the best say I know how,” Annalise pleaded.

On the day of the hearing, Nate prepared his father for his appearance while Michaela introduced Marcus to the group, including Asher, who identified himself as “Michaela’s boo.” She confessed to Oliver, Laurel and Connor that she made a “one-time mistake,” and begged them not to tell Asher. Michaela and Marcus then figured out at the last-minute that it was Justice Strickland who was working with Ingrid and they worried Annalise was “screwed.”

Just before the session, Jacqueline called Annalise and told her Isaac overdosed and his kidneys were failing. She slammed, “You ruined him, just like you ruin everyone in your life.” Annalise had a meltdown, telling Olivia, “I can’t do this… You have to do this.” She asked for vodka and Liv sent Michaela to Marcus to get alcohol, despite Annalise’s alcoholism and the risk of disbarment. Olivia then gave Annalise a pep talk that had them both in tears. “This case chose you, so you need to pick yourself up off this floor and walk into that courtroom, not for anyone else but for you,” Liv insisted.

Olivia gave Annalise the opportunity to drink, but told her, “Whatever you think is in this bottle is already in you.” And so she picked herself up, ditched the vodka and was about to walk into court when her mom had a dementia episode that led her to spill stew all over Olivia’s suit. With seconds to spare, Annalise made it to the plaintiff’s table. In her statement, she argued Nate’s father was a victim of ineffective counsel in the criminal justice system and faced a battering of questions from the justices.

As expected, Strickland gave her a hard time, pointing out that Nate’s father is a confessed killer. He claimed the case was only about money, to which Annalise said it was also about race. They went back and forth, forcing Annalise to declare, “Race is the determining factor.” Ingrid then argued that this was not a discrimination case. At the same time, Annalise’s mom and Olivia had a heartwarming talk before entering the courtroom late, and Michaela and Marcus passed on information about a key case for her rebuttal.

Annalise read Strickland’s own words from a 1995 case back to him to prove that race is a major factor in this matter. “Some may argue slavery has ended, but tell that to the inmates who are kept in cages,” Annalise declared, questioning why money for prison owners was “more important than humanity” and “criminality is confused with mental health.” She demanded the Sixth Amendment be enforced for all as intended.

Amidst all this, Frank told Bonnie that Laurel’s mom confessed to paying Wes $100,000 to stay away from her. Bonnie found no such money in Wes’ accounts and urged Frank to tell Laurel what was going on. He instead searched Wes’ apartment, where he found a flash drive. Later, he told Laurel, “Your mom’s been lying to you.” He then played her audio of Wes speaking with her mother.

Following the hearing, Annalise and Ingrid both answered questions from the press. Annalise gave credit to Olivia and Connor by name, and Michaela appeared slighted. Annalise later told Liv, “We’re done. You don’t have to handle me anymore.” Olivia told her, “We did good. Take care of yourself.” They parted ways just as Bonnie called to tell Annalise that Simon was awake, ending the episode.

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