“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “It’s War”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 16 2017

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 16 2017


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise was determined to get revenge as the Wes murder case continued. Here are the most important things to know about “It’s War,” the 13th episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Nate told Annalise that ADA Atwood set him up with the forged body signature, but confessed he was, in fact, at her house that fateful night. “He died because I left him there,” Nate said. The next day, Annalise told the Keating Four that she “failed” them, but Laurel was more concerned with proving the Mahoneys killed Wes. She even hired a private investigator.

Annalise filed a complaint on prosecutorial misconduct, insisting Atwood was framing her and demanding a grand jury investigation. “It’s war,” Bonnie declared, but Attorney General Peters didn’t want to play ball. D.A. Denver also warned Bonnie that they’d “hit back.” Nate feared involving A.G. Peters would backfire and told Annalise, “Stop trying to help me. It only makes things worse.”

Connor and Oliver fought over whether to look at the copy of the data from Annalise’s phone, arguing whether it was better to remain ignorant or potentially get information that could solve Wes’ murder. Connor still suspected Annalise was guilty, while Asher didn’t want to abandon her. Michaela told Annalise everyone was “fine” because she cleaned up “all your mess while you were in jail.” As Oliver was about to view the data, Annalise showed up to ask “if we’re still good.” She thanked him for his loyalty, and had him leak to the press that Atwood and Denver lost Wes’ body.

The P.I. discovered Mahoney’s wife did a DNA test on Wes five days before his death, leading Laurel to theorize he was killed after it was confirmed he was Wallace’s son. Annalise was mad at Laurel for digging, and didn’t want to take the theory to the cops. She confessed how the Mahoneys were responsible for the death of her unborn baby, and warned Laurel and the rest of the group to “do whatever it takes to stay safe.” Laurel’s response: “Wes deserves so much better than you.”

“Sorry about your baby,” Asher awkwardly told Annalise after. “And Wes, too.” But Michaela thought he was a “blind trusting fool.” Asher, meanwhile, suspected Connor was the anonymous source who tipped off the police, given his anti-Annalise attitude, which only angered Michaela further. Bonnie offered to help Laurel get an abortion, leading Laurel to say, “You’re just as bad as her.”

Frank, working as his own attorney, insisted to Bonnie that he was innocent. When Frank later called from prison, Annalise answered and warned that they were being recorded. He pretended Bonnie answered, and offered to “help” if “anything” was needed. The A.G. then called Annalise, accusing her of leaking the missing body story, and warning that she’d seek the death penalty if she continued down this path.

Annalise, tempted to take pills, sought distraction in Soraya, but concluded Atwood had pushed her to be so friendly. At a court hearing the next day, Frank said he wanted to subpoena Atwood’s correspondence on the day Wes’ body went missing, pointing out that she tried to pin it on Nate, with whom she had been romantically involved. With alleged evidence tampering, bias, and conflicts of interest, the judge granted Frank’s request. Denver then suspended Atwood.

Towards the end of the episode, Nate told Annalise that Atwood admitted she moved Wes’ body. Annalise told Laurel that Wes was cremated, but didn’t want to conclude yet that Atwood was working with the Mahoneys. Laurel begged her to “take action,” and together, they broke down over Wes. “I promise we’re going to find who did this to him,” Annalise vowed. “We owe him that.”

The group was divided on whether the cremation helped or hurt Annalise’s case. Asher confronted Connor on his insistence that Annalise is guilty, prompting Connor to say that he could soon have proof, thanks to the phone data. But when Connor went home, Oliver accused him of being at Annalise’s house that night.

IN FLASHBACKS: At Annalise’s house, Nate told Wes to take the deal the detectives were offering and let her go down alone. Wes told Nate how Annalise protected him since childhood, but their talk was interrupted by a call from the detectives, prompting Nate to leave. The final scene showed Connor doing CPR on Wes. Next week, viewers will get the full picture with the two-hour season finale.

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