“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “It’s About Frank”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap October 20 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap October 20 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Frank’s past, along with another survivor of the fire, were revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “It’s About Frank,” the fifth episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Bonnie secretly met up with Frank, and thanked him for killing her pedophile father. They argued, however, over his murder of Wes’ dad, and Annalise’s anger towards him. Frank, though, blamed Annalise and Sam for leading him to this point. Bonnie urged him to come back to town, saying Annalise would forgive him.

He insisted Annlise wouldn’t, and asked Bonnie to run away with him since they were both so unhappy. He said he wanted to start a new life with boring jobs and make a family, but when she didn’t respond, he said he was just “teasing.” Then, when Frank had a nightmare, she calmed him by talking about a picturesque future together that would make them “forget.” Naturally, the moment led to a hookup, all the while Laurel waited for Bonnie to give her details on their meet-up.

Annalise, conflicted over her alcoholism, went to an AA meeting, where she saw Soraya. She confronted the president of the university over her suspension and threatened to sue. After, Annalise trashed all her alcohol. She flashed back to her first night in the house with Sam, miscarrying a child, and the two both getting on the university faculty. And that was enough to make her grab one of the bottles and drink.

She drunkenly called Nate, leaving a message that he’s “lucky” he doesn’t need to deal with her “mess.” Unbeknownst to her, he was hooking up with ADA Atwood. Meanwhile, Wes had dinner with Meggy and her father, where he lied about his mom’s death and his father’s whereabouts. He went to Annalise’s after, only to find her drunk as a skunk. He comforted her as she puked and sobbed, before passing out.

The Keating 5 had mixed feelings over Annalise’s suspension, some feeling sympathetic and others feeling free. Simon, of course, was gloating about the “bitch” being gone, and when he later accused the group of stealing his laptop, Michaela cut him down to size. As it turned out, though, Michaela actually did steal the computer, on which Oliver discovered he was responsible for the Annalise “killer” posters.

The next day, the group told Annalise, who said they were all “safe” since the posters were just from a “sad, lost boy,” and not someone who actually knew what they did. But then she secretly confronted Simon, accusing him of slander, defamation and a hate crime potentially leading to an expulsion and prison. He predictably panicked.

Wes told Laurel he wanted to break up with Meggy so he wouldn’t have to keep lying to her. “We’re all so messed up,” he told her. “Annalise, especially.” Laurel confessed to him that Frank isn’t “gone,” but at the same time Bonnie discovered he had taken off without her. Towards the end of the episode, Annalise showed Soraya the lawsuit she planned to file against the university, seeking $50 million. She said she wouldn’t file, though, if her job was reinstated. Soraya agreed, but warned Annalise, “You can’t get better alone.”

In the final minutes, Laurel and Wes told Annalise that she knew where Frank was and that he was with Bonnie, and demanded to know the “truth” about hiring someone to kill him. At that moment, though, Bonnie walked in.

IN FLASHBACKS: Eleven years earlier, an imprisoned Frank, in jail since he was 13 for attempted murder, met Sam, who offered him counseling as he went up for parole. He also offered Annalise’s services as an attorney, but she was reluctant to take the pro bono case of a “white boy who has violent tendencies.” Upon meeting, she questioned whether Frank really wanted “out at all.”

Annalise and Sam argued over her refusal to do IVF, and she questioned whether he was trying to be a father-figure to Sam. He called Frank out on being “scared” to get out and unable to forgive himself for trying to kill his own dad. Despite calling himself a “sociopath,” Sam told him, “You have good in you.” When Sam and Annalise finally agreed to work on his case together, she discovered she was pregnant.

IN FLASHFORWARDS: Three weeks later, doctors treated a pregnant Laurel as Meggy told Bonnie and Oliver that she was suffering from smoke inhalation. Via phone, Bonnie broke the pregnancy news to someone, saying she had “no idea.” Oliver made his own call to Connor, only for a white woman named Trishelle (Brett Butler) to answer. It was Michaela’s mom, and Michaela was unaware of the fire and Laurel’s pregnancy. The show ended with a news program saying an unidentified male was dead from the fire.


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