“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “I Love Her”

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HTGAWM Recap October 26 2017

By Shari Weiss |

HTGAWM Recap October 26 2017


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise and Bonnie’s past was revealed. Here are the most important things to know about “I Love Her,” the fifth episode of season four.

IN FLASHBACKS: In 2002, Annalise was defending a councilman in an underage rape case, where Bonnie was the victim. She testified that he raped her as a child and only stopped when she got pregnant by one of the men using her for sex trafficking, including her father. She didn’t know what happened to the baby, passing out in labor and being told by her dad that the child was dead. Annalise was reluctant to counter Bonnie, but also wanted to make partner at their firm.

At the time, she and Sam were doing IVF. She became emotional over the idea of attacking a rape victim, but insisted that her tears were due to “hormones,” not her uncle’s abuse. During cross, Annalise questioned Bonnie on why she waited to come forward and suggested her memories were inaccurate. Bonnie said she was threatened with death by her father and Annalise was clearly disturbed. But her co-counsel urged her to “go for blood.” So she again questioned Bonnie’s memory and lack of proof, sowing seeds of doubt.

Annalise drank her sorrows away after winning the case and quitting the firm. “I destroyed her. I was a coward,” she lamented to Sam, saying she now wanted to help Bonnie. Annalise later went to her, apologizing for her “despicable” behavior and asking her to come be her new legal assistant and work towards becoming a lawyer. Bonnie ultimately agreed, being welcomed into the home by Sam.

IN THE PRESENT: Bonnie, as “Julie,” went to an emergency nighttime therapy session with Isaac and cried that she didn’t come to him to get over someone named “Mae.” She came to “hurt her.” She said they were both abused, both lost babies. “She wanted a child and I wanted to be what she wanted,” Bonnie said, but their relationship was also about “guilt” and “trauma.” She wanted to be told by Isaac that she was “right to hate her, to want to hurt her.” He wanted her to admit she still loves Mae, saying it was the first step to moving on. “I love her,” she cried.

Earlier, Annalise met with imprisoned people she thought were screwed over by the public defender’s office. She got 16 of the required 40 to sign on to her class action suit. Bonnie told Nate what Annalise was up to and wanted his help investigating. He questioned why she was being “all single white female” and told Annalise that Bonnie was “on your tail.” He was willing to give her a client recommendation if she made her case official instead of sneaking around but denied to Bonnie that he uncovered anything. Annalise later went to the former cell mate she clashed with, Claudia, to get her and her jailed friends to join the suit, too. With her help, she reached the 40-person threshold.

Amidst this, Frank and Laurel continued hooking up behind Bonnie’s back, but Frank didn’t want to hook up at Wes’ apartment and Laurel no longer wanted to meet at Bonnie’s. “Are you sure the baby’s not mine?” he asked her. It was revealed that they did, in fact, hook up while she was with Wes and she had lied about it at the time. She now burst into tears over Frank bringing it up and said the baby is not his. Tegan gifted Michaela with Loubotins as a reward for her “great” work, unaware that she was getting new tech hire Oliver to hack her files for Laurel’s investigation. They were nearly caught by Simon, and Connor was unaware of what they were doing, too. He drunkenly fended off suicidal urges and went to visit Annalise at the hotel, blaming her for his issues. “We did so many bad things,” he cried, adding, “I’m not like you. I can’t just move on.” She said he was stronger than he thought, because he came to her instead of harming himself.

As Annalise celebrated getting 40 clients, others started dropping out, saying the “D.A. lady” offered them better deals. Indeed, Bonnie had gone to the prisoners, badmouthing Annalise and promising more lenient punishments. The two women ended up coming face to face, with Annalise saying she was “trying to do something good.” Bonnie said Annalise only helps herself and that’s the only reason she helped her years ago. “We’re not the same… You made me into you,” Bonnie shot back, ranting about now being “thrown out like just another intern.” Annalise said she was never “nothing” or “trash” to her, but had now majorly screwed up.

In the final minutes, Annalise asked Connor to help her with the lawsuit, Oliver and Michaela worried they’d be caught as Laurel wanted to dig further, and Asher knew Michaela was lying about what she was up to. It was after the run-in that Bonnie went running to Isaac, flashing back to all her highs and lows with Annalise over the years, including their kiss last season. “It hurts” to say that she loves her, Bonnie told Isaac, because “I miss her.” As Bonnie continued to talk about still wanting to work with Annalise, Isaac realized that Mae was actually Annalise Keating. Bonnie denied it, but she was totally caught and he was totally pissed.

IN FLASHFORWARDS: Two weeks later, following the mysterious crime, Asher cried in a prison cell.

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