“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Go Cry Somewhere Else”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 9 2017

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap February 9 2017


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” the mystery of #WhoKilledWes continued. Here are the most important things to know about “Go Cry Somewhere Else,” the 12th episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Laurel was discharged from the hospital in time for Wes’ memorial. Giving a morbid, off-the-cuff eulogy, she became upset at a random girl for crying and accused her of glomming on to the tragedy. Laurel broke down in tears, screamed at the stranger to “go cry somewhere else,” and stormed out.

After the memorial, Oliver, Connor and Frank ripped Simon for saying Annalise was guilty of Wes’ murder. Oliver was then called in for a meeting with the detectives, sparking panic among the group. In the interrogation, he downplayed Annalise’s call to him that night, and denied the allegation that he went to the legal clinic to wipe data.

Laurel went to the morgue to see Wes’ body, but was told to talk to the D.A.’s office, since his remains were evidence. She asked Nate for help, and he got her in, but when they pulled out the body case, they discovered it wasn’t Wes. The D.A.’s office innocently said they “lost” the body, and lashed out at Nate for essentially giving Annalise an attack point.

At Frank’s arraignment, the D.A. wanted to charge him and Annalise as co-conspirators. Bonnie wanted the cases unlinked and again asked for bail. The judge denied both. Annalise broke down upon seeing her mom in the galley. Her mother asked Nate to “fix it,” but he said he couldn’t get involved. As Annalise feuded with her cellmate, she threatened, “Maybe I will murder someone.”

In visitation, Annalise’s parents vowed to help, with her mom saying, “You didn’t burn down the house. I did.” She was ready to concoct a whole story, but it was clear she was suffering to dementia as she confessed to burning down a house with Annalise’s uncle, her rapist, inside. She asked Bonnie to look into long-term care facilities. A tearful Bonnie thought Wes’ missing body would help prove she was being framed, but Annalise didn’t want to hear it.

Laurel asked Michaela, “Do you think he did it, Frank? I want to believe he did, so that way I’d have someone to hate.” But if he didn’t, “whoever killed Wes is still out there.” The next day, Laurel went to confront Frank at the prison. “I’m sorry for everything,” he told her, but as she begged to know Wes’ last words, his attorney ended the meeting. Laurel left convinced that he “didn’t do it,” telling the others, “He wouldn’t do that to me.”

Annalise’s mom demanded she and her father “fix” their issues, and he said he “didn’t know” about the fire, but she called him out for not acknowledging the molestation. She connected that to her current imprisonment, but he rejected the blame. “This mess is all you,” he told her, calling her “selfish” and saying if she really wanted to help her mother, she’d be trying to get out of jail.

Before the judge, Bonnie accused ADA Atwood of hiding the body to avoid a second autopsy, and said Annalise was being “railroaded” over a “personal vendetta.” The judge again denied a bail request, but when Bonnie told Annalise via phone that she wanted a new judge, Annalise just hung up. She concluded her cellmate had sexually abused her children, and got pummeled for saying so.

Severely bruised, Annalise had Bonnie take pictures, so she could use them to show how she was being targeted. Now conditional bail was granted. “Is it bad if I want her to stay in there?” a stressed Michaela asked Asher. Oliver confessed to Connor that he had a copy of what he erased from Annalise’s phone. As Laurel broke down after finding Wes’ apartment trashed, Frank called Bonnie from prison to tell her he fired his lawyer and is going to represent himself, making all their conversations on the case privileged.

In the final minutes, Annalise lied to her mom, saying the charges were dropped, just to calm her down. The D.A. told Nate someone signed off to have Wes’ body moved to another morgue… Nate himself.

IN FLASHBACKS: As Frank tracked Wes, Bonnie warned Nate that Annalise would take him down with her. After losing track of Wes, Bonnie told Frank to go to Annalise’s house, but warned, “Do not hurt him.” Wes, in a cab, ignored a call from Laurel, and called an “in case of emergency” contact, saying, “It’s Christoph.” Nate showed up at Annalise’s house, finding Wes there.

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