“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Don’t Tell Annalise”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap October 13 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap October 13 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise faced consequences for slapping a client, and one more character was revealed to still be alive. Here are the most important things to know about “Don’t Tell Annalise,” the fourth episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Annalise and Eve loose for a night. She came home drunk, much to Nate’s amusement, though he didn’t know with whom she was partying. She showed up hungover to court the next day, where Asher was sweating over taking the lead on the case of juvenile Tristan, who was accused of stealing $41,000 with fraudulent credit card use. The proceedings were interrupted with the news that Annalise’s law license had been suspended by a disciplinary board for “gross misconduct.”

Somehow, the bar association obtained footage of Annalise slapping Toby. She tried to argue that it was a privileged incident because of the confidential attorney-client relationship. But she was accused of assault and had to wait to argue her side at a hearing. Annalise was convinced the DA’s office was behind it as revenge. Nate, however, spoke to ADA Atwood, who claimed to know nothing about it.

Annalise contemplated retirement with Eve, who seemed to still have feelings for her. But she became angry upon finding out Annalise used Sam’s life insurance money to pay a hit man to kill Frank. Annalise emotionally explained that she wants to make him “pay” for indirectly killing her son. Nate came home to find the two women together, and Eve said she was only there to help with the “suspension mess.”

It was later discovered that university board member Barry was the one who sent in the footage, but the school president was more mad at Annalise than him. She then learned that her tenure contract was nullified due to the suspension. After that blow, Nate demanded to know if Annalise and Eve were sleeping together, and called her an alcoholic. She in turn called him a “little bitch,” and aggressively told him to hit her. He deemed her a “cancer” and told her she’d die alone, before urging her to get help and walking out.

Tristan was told that his case would go away if he simply gave back the money, but he insisted it was “gone.” As it turned out, he spent the cash on tons of baby things, as he had a secret pregnant girlfriend who was due in a few months. That girlfriend, however, was his high school teacher, who played dumb when questioned by Bonnie and Asher. So Bonnie instead decided to trap her on the stand and expose her as a sexual abuser to show the circumstances behind Tristan’s crime.

Asher didn’t agree with the plan of action, leading to some arguments with Bonnie. As the teacher testified, Bonnie point-blank asked her if she was pregnant and if Tristan was the father. Bonnie accused her of raping him, and she pleaded the fifth to avoid incriminating herself. The charges were dropped against Tristan as the prosecutors agreed he was acting under the force of an adult. But he was furious at Bonnie, because his baby would now be born to the teacher in prison.

Meeting with the bar, Annalise confessed on camera to being an alcoholic, saying she was self-medicating to deal wth various struggles, such as Sam’s death, the shooting, and the campus flyers. She voluntarily agreed to enter a treatment program if it would get her license reinstated. Eve thought it was a brilliant move, since alcoholism is considered a medical illness. Her support led them to start hooking up, but Eve said she couldn’t go further, revealing she had a girlfriend who wanted her to move to San Francisco. A crushed Annalise told her to go because she “deserved” love “more than anyone.” At the same time, Nate was hooking up with ADA Atwood.

Meanwhile, Frank gave a woman stacks of cash in exchange for a bottle of nitrogen sulfate. He got a job doing janitorial work at a prison, and failed to sneak into the medical area. Laurel went to Frank’s dad to find out more on his whereabouts, and learned that he had spent time in jail until Annalise and Sam saved him. She was distracted from investigating further when Meggy called and asked for help planning something for Wes’ birthday.

Wes called Laurel out for being secretive, so she confessed about Meggy’s surprise party instead of her dealings with Frank. He acted happily surprised at the shindig, where Meggy bonded with his friends. Laurel seemed jealous watching them, while Connor and Oliver had an awkward chat about hooking up with other people. Towards the end of the episode, Bonnie found out her imprisoned father was dead, and the show cut to Frank killing him with the nitrogen sulfate, saying it “won’t make up” for what he did to Bonnie.

Laurel overhead the conversation, and confessed to Bonnie that Frank was in the same city as the prison. “He killed your father, didn’t he?” Laurel asked. Bonnie replied, “Don’t tell Annalise.”

IN FLASHFORWARDS: Four weeks after the above events, Annalise cried in her jail cell as Bonnie told her a second body was found, and while the person was still alive, she didn’t know who it was. The unidentified person was rushed to the hospital, where doctors worked to save his or her life. Later, Bonnie and Oliver tried to find out who was being treated. They saw Meggy running to the surgical room, where she told the attending doctor that the patient was pregnant. It was then revealed the pregnant patient pulled from the burning house was Laurel.


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