“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Call It Mother’s Intuition”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap November 3 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap November 3 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” the Keating 5 clashed with Annalise, and another survivor of the fire was revealed, along with the identity of the traitor. Here are the most important things to know about “Call It Mother’s Intuition,” the seventh episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Wes spoke with police about Wallace’s murder, and claimed he saw Wallace’s son Charles at the scene. Annalise was furious with him for lying, worried it would bite him in the butt. During an awkward run-in with Nate, Wes was warned to be careful.

In class, the group took on a case of siblings accused of conspiracy to kill their mother with antifreeze poisoning. All three now-adult kids clearly hated the matriarch, but insisted they were innocent. Annalise tasked the students with finding an alternate suspect in exchange for an A on the midterm. But after Asher found an incriminating email implicating a grocery store employee, the daughter was forced to confess it was her boyfriend and the email was sent to her.

At the family’s deposition, the mother antagonized one of the sons until he exclaimed, “I look forward to the day you die.” Annalise suspected that the mom actually poisoned herself as a scheme to frame her children and teach them a lesson, and ordered Laurel to confront her during her deposition. The move seemed to work, with the matriarch blaming a “mother’s intuition” and children taking moms for granted. And Laurel ended up with the A.

Amid all this, Wes and Laurel continued to secretly hookup, unaware that Frank was back in town and was actually in her apartment during one of their rendezvous. Annalise and Bonnie were unaware, too, and Bonnie continued to keep her hookup with him a secret. And yet the rest of the Keating 5 suspected Laurel was secretly back with Frank.

Meanwhile, Oliver was insecure about taking his relationship with Thomas to the next level due to his HIV-positive status. When he broke the news mid-hookup, Thomas was taken aback and wanted time to “process.” Oliver later told Connor what happened, and confessed to missing him. Connor, of course, missed him, too, and they hooked up.

At an AA meeting, Annalise listened to Soraya’s story of driving drunk with her kids and losing custody. Annalise was clearly moved by her candor, but acted coldly when Soraya asked about Wes. Annalise later obtusely apologized by recommending a family attorney for her.

When it was revealed Charles had an alibi, the group became angry with Annalise, who invited them to air their grievances. Connor, Asher, Michaela and Laurel all ripped her for various things and the path she’s led them down, but Wes refused, saying she already knows how he feels. Annalise appeared hurt, but brushed it off, while Bonnie attributed their anger to being “scared.”

Later, Wes told Annalise about Nate’s warning and apologized for lying to the cops. She implored him to “live as good as you can.” Frank showed up at Bonnie’s door, ready to go see Annalise. He apologized for leaving her behind, and she (rightly) suspected that Laurel was his first stop and she was the “sloppy seconds.” He tearfully begged for another chance, but Bonnie threw him out, saying, “Annalise was the only one who was right about you.”

Towards the end of the episode, Annalise missed a call from Bonnie. Laurel drunkenly told Wes “love you” over the phone, unaware Frank was in her apartment listening. “Really?!” he said aloud, leaving her obviously startled and shocked.

IN FLASHFORWARDS: Two weeks later, a jailed Annalise was told she was being charged with arson and first degree murder, based on evidence from an anonymous source. An intubated Laurel awoke in the hospital, and managed to write “Wes” on a piece of paper. Meggy assumed she just wanted to contact him. But he was at the police station, being offered immunity in exchange for helping to take Annalise down.

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