“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “Always Bet Black”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap October 6 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap October 6 2016


On Thursday’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” the Keating 5 took on a high-profile murder case and another key character was confirmed to still be alive. Here are the most important things to know about “Always Bet Black,” the third episode of season three.

IN THE PRESENT: Still playing house, Nate wanted to file a missing person’s report on Frank, but Annalise said she was “handling” it. The university president told Annalise to keep a “low profile,” but she said that would be hard with her new case. That was accused murderer Toby, the “Call-Girl Creeper,” who was filmed dumping an escort’s body.

The class had to join the case mid-trial and Michaela volunteered to lead the charge. Toby had a horrible reputation, which Annalise tried to suppress in court by accusing the ADA of hiding evidence so she had no time to prepare a defense — the evidence being a photo of him with the call-girl’s dead body. Michaela felt too disgusted to move forward, but had no choice, only to have Annalise later relieve her of her duties.

Bonnie thought they should “plea out,” but the prosecutor refused, calling it “payback” for Annalise’s years of “bad behavior.” Oliver discovered that Toby withdrew $200,000 from the bank, and he claimed he was being blackmailed by his former lawyer because he killed a different girl, an 18-year-old runaway. A flashback showed the two doing drugs, but she rejected him sexually and bullied his appearance, angering him to the point that he fatally struck her with a baseball bat. Toby then hid the body in a warehouse freezer.

Bonnie, feeling a connection with the victim because of her own past, said they should tell the D.A. and get Annalise good press for coming forward or she could at least call in an anonymous tip. She then broke down at Annalise’s refusals. Amid this, to blow off steam, Michaela went to Atlantic City with Asher, Connor and Oliver. Using money she stole from Toby, her $20,000 bet on black paid off. Their luck continued to pay off… until she lost it all.

Things were also quite awkward between Connor and Oliver, as the former didn’t see how they could just be friends now. To make up for the losses, Michaela pawned a diamond ring. She then showed up late the next day for Toby’s court testimony. At it turns out, with Nate’s help, Annalise devised a strategy to cast doubt on Toby’s guilt and pin the runaway’s death on a different prisoner. That led to an involuntary manslaughter plea deal offer of three years in prison for Toby, and when he expressed outrage, Annalise angrily slapped him because he had, in fact, killed two women.

Meanwhile, Annalise sent Laurel to see her father in Miami, and he was well-aware she came for help finding Frank after tapping her phone. They argued in front of a mediator from his technology company, and Laurel threatened to leave. Naturally, Wes was worried about her, and disinterested in celebrating his birthday with Meggy, and she later confronted him for being into Laurel. He insisted, though, that all he wanted was her.

Laurel’s father claimed to have found Frank, but was more interested in getting her to sign legal documents. A drunk Frank later called Laurel, saying she wasn’t going to fall for her and Annalise’s pleas, especially since Annalise had sent a hit man his way. Laurel then abruptly hung up. The next day, she gave her father the signed paperwork in exchange for the information on Frank’s location.

Bonnie confronted Michaela for stealing Toby’s money, and she gave it back. They also had an awkward talk about Asher, with Bonnie telling her, “Bone whoever you want.” Annalise was credited in the media with solving the runaway’s disappearance, which seemed to give the school president mixed feelings. When Laurel returned to town, she lied to Annalise, claiming she didn’t get any info on Frank.

IN FLASHFORWARDS: Annalise was booked at jail while Oliver scrambled to wipe her phone. Bonnie confirmed that Oliver cleaned the device, and identified herself to police as Annalise’s lawyer. The detective on scene refused to say what the charges were, just as another person, this one alive, was pulled from the burning house. The question remains: Who’s dead #UnderTheSheet? So far, we know it’s not Annalise, Bonnie or Oliver.


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