“How To Get Away With Murder” Recap: “We’re Good People Now”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap September 22 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap September 22 2016


On Thursday’s premiere of “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise and the Keating 5 struggled as they all faced a new year of law school. Here are the most important things to know about “We’re Good People Now,” the first episode of season three.

The show began with Wes talking to police after his father, Wallace, was shot, and then getting picked up by Annalise. The episode then flashed back to hours earlier, with Frank taking Wes to his dad’s office, claiming it was Annalise’s idea and he’d be there for “back up.” But it was Frank who then shot Wallace, and Annalise now told Wes that he was doing it for her, to make amends for long ago causing the death of her baby. Now he had done them both wrong.

The episode then jumped to four months later, the first day of the new school year. The Keating 5 reunited in Annalise’s new class, a criminal law legal clinic in which the students would be pro bono lawyers responsible for their own cases and clients. But things got off to an awkward start when a poster on the wall deemed Annalise a “murderer,” though she brushed it off and explained the first case: a refugee named Karim was imprisoned after being found with drugs, but now risked being deported, too.

Amid this, Annalise assured the Keating 5 that they were “safe,” since they didn’t hear from the cops all summer, and are “good people now.” Secretly, however, she texted a mystery person for “updates” about something. Later, the gang found the Annalise “murderer” posters pinned on a campus billboard, which worried them, as well as Nate.

Oliver confessed to Annalise that he deleted Connor’s Stanford acceptance letter, and now wanted to work with her and “be bad, too.” She told Connor that she’d be hiring him, particularly due to his hacking skills. Connor reluctantly gave Oliver his blessing, and confronted him over Stanford. It was Connor, though, who ended up apologizing. That set Oliver off, and he broke up with him out of guilt. Meanwhile, Michaela and Asher were going to resume hooking up, but she abruptly left.

As for the case, Laurel discovered that the drugs weren’t actually Karim’s, and he was actually protecting his daughter. But it was Wes who won the chance to go before the judge, arguing that Karim was a “good man,” with 15 friends and neighbors willing to attest to his “good citizenship.” Michaela interrupted, however, with proof that Karim had ineffective counsel at his drug trial, as he was not warned that pleading guilty would affect his legal status as an immigrant. Annalise secured a new plea agreement that would change the conviction to a misdemeanor and allow Karim to stay in the country. But when Karim admitted he falsely confessed to the crime, the judge questioned his integrity and ordered his deportation.

In other flashbacks, Laurel told Annalise she was going to Mexico for the summer, and they argued about Frank’s disappearing since he killed Wes’ dad. Laurel insisted Frank was “dead” to her, pleasing Annalise. Connor made Annalise promise she wouldn’t give Oliver a job, and Asher went to Annalise desperate for a loan. He blamed her for severing his financial ties, since his dad was now dead, but she refused to pony up.

Annalise came to Michaela’s rescue after she got into a drunken car accident, but Michaela flipped out on her, blaming her for messing up her life. Annalise met with the university’s new president, who wanted to transition her into a researcher and have someone else teach introductory law. Annalise thought she was being “punished due to tragedies in her personal life,” but the president insisted it was because her performance was lacking, with the Keating 5 ranking at the bottom of their class. And so Annalise proposed she teach a pro bono clinic instead.

Towards the end of the episode, in the present time, Annalise was ignoring the president’s calls as the posters went viral. Bonnie wondered if Frank was behind it, but Annalise didn’t think so. She, however, blamed Sam for making her life go so off course. Also, Laurel confronted Wes, who had a new girlfriend, on being stand-offish towards her. He explained that when he looks at her, “all I see is Frank, and I need to forget what he did.”

The show ended with Annalise’s texter urging her to call ASAP. It was a private investigator, who had found Frank. “Do or die? What do you want to do?” he asked. But before she could answer, Frank attacked him. After overhearing it, she broke down. The final flashback showed Annalise breaking down over a death following a house fire… but who died? That’s what season three will explore.

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