“How To Get Away With Murder” Finale Recap: “Anna Mae”

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How To Get Away With Murder Recap March 17 2016

By Shari Weiss |

How To Get Away With Murder Recap March 17 2016


On Thursday’s season finale of “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise sought refuge at her mother’s home, Frank tried to reconcile his past misdeeds, and Wes continued to look into his past… with it all ending in murder. Here are the most important things to know about “Anna Mae,” the 15th and final episode of season two.

IN THE PRESENT: The group worried about Annalise being MIA, and Laurel blamed herself, having told her that Frank killed Lila for Sam. At her childhood home in Memphis, Annalise playfully quarreled with her sister, who called her “Anna Mae.” At a “welcome home” party, relatives and family friends fussed over her, but she was distracted by bad memories of the past. Only her mom could tell something was up, and things worsened when her estranged father showed up.

Annalise’s mom confessed they were “seeing each other” again, and took away her cell phone when she got a call from Pennsylvania. The next day, she found the stove on with her mother nowhere to be found. She and her sister then fought about their parents’ resumed relationship and who was taking care of mama, but were interrupted when Nate showed up. Nate told Annalise there was a warrant for her arrest, but she refused to come home. “In what world do I not deserve to run away?” she asked him. Thanks to her mom, Nate ended up sticking around for a family meal.

It was all going well until Annalise clashed with her father over his abandonment, and it led her to confess to her mom, “I had a baby, mama. He died.” She was understandably stunned, and blamed the loss for all of Annalise’s troubles ever since, including getting shot. “I wanted to get shot,” Annalise confessed. “Don’t you ever feel like it’s too hard?” Later, her mom wanted to write a letter to the baby, and asked the boy’s name. Annalise cried as she wrote the note herself, and then buried it in the yard, like a funeral. “His name was Sam,” she sobbed.

The next morning, Annalise’s dad apologized for hurting her, and said that she, “of all people,” should understand how her mom makes him feel like himself again. She predicted, however, that he’ll “get sick of it” and “leave again.” Reunited with her phone, Annalise listened to all the messages the group had left her… plus one from the ADA, saying she had until 5pm to surrender to the Tennessee PD.


Back in P.A., Michaela wanted to hack into the police system to find out the arrest charge, but Bonnie refused. Meanwhile, Wes told Laurel what he learned from Annalise about Wallace being his father, and they thought she was “probably lying, again,” but he wanted to go to New York to find out for sure. As she talked him out of it, they shared an intimate moment that Frank interrupted. Laurel confessed to Frank that they kissed once, but there was nothing more. Frank was surprised to find out the Wes-Wallace connection.

Asher and Michaela had an awkward chat about their hookup, and almost ended up having sex again, this time in the upstairs of Annalise’s house. She stopped it, though, saying, “We’re not these people.” Oliver obtained the arrest warrant, but it was heavily redacted, leading them to wonder if it was the result of an informant who ratted them out. Looking at surveillance footage from the police station, they found the rat: Caleb. He was never missing, but aiding the cops to take suspicion off of himself.

Michaela told Annalise via phone, prompting her to call Nate and say she needed his help. After retuning to town, she met with the ADA, who said she was being charged with obstruction of justice and manipulation for her conduct with Caleb and his family’s case. In response, she simply smiled and said that he was trusting a sociopath, as Caleb was a serial killer. The episode then flashed back to when Annalise was attacked, and showed it was Philip who attacked her, as he had proof that Caleb was the one who actually killed the parents. He wanted her to take Caleb down, and, with Nate’s help, Catherine ultimately admitted she was in love with Caleb and had been trying to protect him.

In exchange for solving the case and giving the ADA the credit, she wanted the case against her dropped. The ADA wasn’t buying it, until Philip showed up in the police station, ending the manhunt for him. The episode then showed Caleb dead in a bathtub filled with bloody water. It’s unclear if he was killed or committed suicide.

IN FLASHBACKS: Ten years prior, Frank was hooking up with the woman at the Cleveland hotel when she offered him money to stop being “Annalise’s bitch.” When Annalise snapped at him the next day and said she and Sam were “saving” him, he planted a bug in her hotel room on behalf of the woman. The bug picked up Annalise talking to Eve after Rose’s suicide, right before she left to go to the cops. The woman then called Wallace, who told her, “Take care of it.” And then Annalise was hit by the car.

Back in the present day, toward the end of the episode, Oliver called Stanford and impersonated Connor, saying he couldn’t accept his admission. Bonnie had kicked everyone, including Frank, out of Annalise’s home. She told Annalise that Frank was sorry, and the show then flashed back to the hospital 10 years ago, where he confessed to Sam that he was responsible for Annalise’s accident. Sam said she could never know, because she would never forgive herself if she knew their baby’s death could’ve been prevented. “You tell her, and I’ll ruin you,” he vowed to Frank.

The show then flashed to years later, with Sam telling him, “You owe me,” and then Frank killing Lila. Taking it all in, a tearful Annalise told Bonnie, “He needs to go.” The finale ended with Laurel discovering Frank had left town, and Wes going up to Wallace on a New York street. “I think I’m you’re son,” he said. “Why would you think that?” Wallace asked. Just as Wes said, “Annalise Keating,” Wallace was fatally shot in the head by unknown assailant. And that’s it until the fall!


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