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Barack and Michelle Obama were one of the most loved and iconic couples to grace the White House. Yet, there are still phony reports that all isn't well in the marriage. A few tabloids reported the former First Lady wasn’t very happy with her husband's political career, among other things. Gossip Cop rounded the rumors we’ve investigated about the spouses.

Michelle And Barack Obama's Costly Divorce

Last October, the Globe alleged Michelle and Barack Obama were getting a $150 million divorce. The suspicious story claimed the former President “ripped off” his wedding ring and was consulting with divorce lawyers because he was fed up with Michelle’s “snooty Hollywood lifestyle.” An "insider" added to the highly-dramatized tale that Barack “hurled his wedding ring at Michelle'' and Michelle was planning on getting revenge on her husband by running for President. Honestly, the story sounded like a bad plot from a Hallmark movie. Gossip Cop corrected the story by reminding everyone that Michelle Obama stated she had no plans to run for President. Plus, there weren't any other reports correlating the Globe’s phony story.

After Michelle Obama released her autobiography, Becoming, the tabloids used excerpts from the book and created various inaccurate narratives about the former President and First Lady's personal lives.

Michelle Regretted Becoming A Mom?

For example, a few months ago, the Globe alleged Michelle regretted becoming a mother. The paper insisted Michelle was “furious” at her husband for desiring children. Another supposed insider told the publication that the former First Lady resented having to put her career on hold while raising her two daughters, Sasha and Malia. Gossip Cop, however, pointed out that if the Globe had actually read Michelle’s book, it would’ve known that she did indeed want children. Michelle did admit she resented her husband for not having to struggle with IVF treatments, but she also described him as “doting and invested.”

Barack Almost Got Pushed Out Of A Window?

Recently, the same tabloid again took a comment Michelle made during her podcast, The Michelle Obama Podcast, and created a fictional account about the Obamas. The paper claimed Michelle Obama admitted to wanting to push Barack out of the window. Gossip Cop noted that the remark was made during a joking conversation she had with Conan O’ Brien. During the exchange, the two spoke about their respective marriages and O'Brien was the one who made the window comment, to which Michelle admitted her husband is the "butt of every joke." Nonetheless, the magazine purported this meant the couple was “bracing for divorce” amid Michelle’s shocking revelation, which we disproved, of course.

Was Michelle Obama "Cheated?" That's Not What She Said

Another tabloid report that misconstrued Michelle’s words about the 44th President came from the National Enquirer, which claimed Michelle felt cheated for marrying Barack Obama. The supermarket tabloid suggested that Michelle didn’t want a family and felt cheated when Barack ran for President. A supposed insider added the attorney felt coerced by her husband into birthing and raising children while he “focused on rising in the political rank.” Yet, Gossip Cop already corrected the notion that Michelle Obama didn’t want to have children, or that she hated her husband for becoming President. Simply put, Michelle chose to become a mom and take time away from her career and that choice wasn’t forced on her.

The Obamas are just many couples who have faced adversity but are still very much together and going strong. That's how successful relationships work.


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