How Anne Hathaway Feels About Becoming A Mother

Anne Hathaway smiles in a black and white dress against a purple background at Sundance 2020

By Elyse Johnson |

Anne Hathaway smiles in a black and white dress against a purple background at Sundance 2020

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Anne Hathaway has come a long way since her days as a princess. The Princess Diaries actress has transitioned into more mature and thought-provoking roles and won her first Academy Award for her portrayal of the dying Fantine in Les Misérables. This year, Hathaway will star in the film, The Witches, based on the novel of the same name. With such a busy and demanding career, it doesn’t seem like she has any intentions of stopping. Hathaway, however, has made changes due to her most important role: being a mother.

Anne Hathaway’s Most Important Role

The actress has two children with her husband, businessman and actor Andrew Shulman. Shulman and Hathaway married in September 2012 after dating for four years. Their first son, Jonathan, was born in March 2016. Their second son, Jack, was born last November.

Becoming a mom has definitely given the actress a new perspective on life. When she was working, Anne Hathaway had no choice but to take care of certain motherly needs, even on set. While filming Oceans 8, the actress recalled having to take a break so she could pump for her son, and her co-stars had her back throughout it all. “I was so happy because I was breastfeeding and I had that moment where I was like ‘Is this going to be a positive environment to be able to do that in?’ Everybody was fantastic and they understood,” the actress told Shape.

The actress learned a lot from motherhood

Anne Hathaway stated in a separate interview with the magazine that she was used to a certain schedule prior to being a mom. “Before I had my son, I sensed this pressure to fill my schedule. If I wasn’t working, I felt like I was wasting time. Now I know I have to build in breaks in my year, and there are times when I’m just not available to work because it’s important for me to be home with him,” the actress said.

She continued, explaining what the adjustments were that she had to make and how that has now given her more balance and now has more time. “So I shop a lot less. I cook a lot more. I read a lot more. I write a lot more. I communicate a lot more. I make more time for the things that matter to me because suddenly I have more time,” Hathaway said.