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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were together at the Kardashians' annual Christmas party on Sunday night, despite a slew of wrong reports by HollywoodLife that discussed his "absence" and falsely speculated about the reasons for him "missing" the bash. Mind you, this is all coming from the same site that untruthfully claims repeatedly to have "insiders" feeding it "exclusive" stories about them. But, as Gossip Cop has proven on numerous occasions, the outlet often flat out lies and makes up fake news.

One day after Christmas, the perfectly nicknamed HollywoodLies published an article titled, "Kardashian Family Dance To Travis Scott's Music At Xmas Party Despite His Absence." In its first paragraph, the clueless blog wrote, "There were some notable people missing from Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve party, like Kylie Jenner's baby daddy, Travis Scott." The takeaway, according to that outlet? Scott was not at the Kardashians' Christmas party.

Two days after Christmas, HollywoodLies published yet another inaccurate article titled, "Is Travis Scott Finally On His 'Way Home' To Kylie Jenner After Missing Christmas?" In the first paragraph of that misguided report, the site contended, "Travis Scott is coming home to Calabasas... maybe! After apparently missing this year's Kardashian Christmas, where his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner was, is Trav about to reunite with his girl?" The takeaway? The site was still 100 percent certain that Scott missed the annual bash.

Travis Scott Christmas Kylie Jenner


Despite fabricating new Jenner "exclusive" stories on a nearly daily basis, in the article questioning whether Scott was on his way home after "missing Christmas" with the Kardashians, the untrustworthy site refers to Jenner as his "reported pregnant girlfriend." Basically, HollywoodLies is not even sure Jenner is expecting. Allow Gossip Cop to set that record straight: Jenner is unquestionably pregnant and Scott was undeniably with her at the Christmas party. Jenner hid her baby bump in photos with Scott during the family bash.

As noted, the habitually discredited outlet concocts a lot of bogus articles about the Jenners and the Kardashians. Just a handful of days before the party, Gossip Cop nailed HollywoodLife for several made-up Christmas tales about Jenner and Scott. The site even manufactured an untrue "exclusive" about Kim Kardashian being "furious" with Scott for "neglecting" a pregnant Jenner.

In that fabricated report, the blog maintained, "Scott isn't giving Kylie Jenner the support she needs during the final months of her reported pregnancy and Kim Kardashian isn't happy about it." Again, it's not a "reported pregnancy," it's an actual pregnancy, and Scott has been entirely supportive behind-the-scenes. As far as Gossip Cop can tell, the only thing "absent" or "missing" is HollywoodLies' ability to fact-check.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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