HollywoodLife is flip-flopping after being caught lying about Selena Gomez's birthday celebrations with The Weeknd. What's worse is the webloid has not even acknowledged that its previous fabrications were inaccurate. And what's even worse than that is that the site actually went on to lie again. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, HollywoodLife spent weeks insisting Gomez was going to spend her birthday in Paris with The Weeknd. As early as mid-June, the site ran a purported "exclusive" headlined, "The Weeknd's Romantic Paris Plans For Selena Gomez's Birthday Revealed." That was followed over the last month and a half by several similar stories, all of which pretty much said the same thing: The Weeknd was planning for Gomez to spend her birthday in Paris with him.

"Selena Gomez & The Weeknd: The Romantic B-Day Vacation He's Planning For Her," read a headline on July 12, with the story asserting, "The 'Starboy' crooner is thinking of taking her to the City Of Love — Paris!" On July 17, another piece was titled, "The Weeknd Wants Selena Gomez To Spend Her Birthday In Paris With Him: How He Wants To Celebrate." But as Gossip Cop pointed out, Gomez was in the U.S. on her birthday, thousands of miles away from Paris and The Weeknd.

The bogus outlet was caught in a web of lies. So, what did the online publication do? It completely ignored its previous "exclusives," and wrote new stories about how The Weeknd wasn't with Gomez until the day after her birthday. The first was headlined, "The Weeknd Leaves Paris To Grab Post-Birthday Brunch With Selena Gomez In LA." The article made no mention of its prior posts that claimed Gomez would spend her birthday with him in Paris.

That's galling, but what's more galling is that the webloid then saw fit to make up a new story. "The Weeknd's Planning 'Super Romantic' B-Day Dinner For Selena With Private Chef, Roses & More," declared the headline of an "exclusive" published on Sunday. In it, a so-called "insider" was quoted as saying, "He's planning a super romantic, private dinner for tonight." This supposed source further claimed, "Abel has hired a private chef to cook Selena's favorite things, and he's going to fill the dining room with candles and roses."

But what actually happened on Sunday night? Gomez and The Weeknd didn't have a private dinner with a personal chef at home. They had a rather public one. Contrary to the alleged "plans," they went to Soho House. Again, though, HollywoodLies did not acknowledge it was mistaken. "Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Celebrate Her 25th Birthday With Romantic L.A. Dinner — Pics," the site announced on Monday. Like before, there was no mention of its "exclusive" that said something entirely different.

To recap, this is the sequence of events from HollywoodLies: Multiple "exclusive" stories lying about Gomez and The Weeknd's Paris plans for her birthday. Then a story reporting what they actually did with no acknowledgment of its previous wrong reports. Then another "exclusive" story about new plans for Gomez's birthday. And then another story reporting what they actually did with no acknowledgment that it was wrong again. Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted that the outlet does not have real sources close to the couple. It's situations like this that make that abundantly clear to everyone.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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